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Iran’s largest domestic warship “Dammawande” has completely sunk

                    (Original title: Iran’s largest domestically produced warship so … … sinking …)


Local time On 10 January, the destroyer of the “Damawande”, the largest domestic warship of the Iranian Navy’s Northern Fleet (the Caspian Fleet), collided with the breakwater near Enzeli and caused damage to the hull.


Today, Iranian media reports confirm that the “Dharmawand” has completely sunk in the Caspian Sea.


The sunken “Damawande” is the second of Iranian-made Moje missile destroyers.


This class ship is a type I ship developed and manufactured by Iran with its own technology. It has a displacement of about 1,420 tons and a maximum speed of 30 knots, capable of carrying 120 to 140 officers and men. The ship was commissioned on March 9, 2015 and is equipped with the Caspian Fleet in northern Iran.


Local time January 10, due to the strong storm near the Caspian Sea led to the “DharmaWande” was blown to the coast of the breakwater, the final collision with the anti-Boti caused damage to the hull, when the Iranian Navy said it would be short Repair it in time.











Teresa May is about to visit China for the first time to accompany her for a bilateral visit

                    (Original title: British Prime Minister visits China | Who is the “First Mister” that Theresa May called the most important reliance?)


特雷莎·梅即将访华 第一先生首次陪同参与双边访问

Theresa May and her husband Phillip Mei Dongfang IC information

On January 27, on the eve of the forthcoming official visit to China by British Prime Minister Teresa May, CCTV’s Oriental Time and Space, Interview with Liu Xiaoming, the Chinese ambassador to the United Kingdom, was broadcast on the section entitled “Inter-State” and “Joint Concern.” During the interview, Ambassador Liu Xiaoming revealed that for the first time, Prime Minister May will visit China with her husband. After this, with Teresa May as prime minister, “First President” first accompanied Prime Minister Mayor Mei to participate in the bilateral visit and also made the first visit to China by Mr. Mei. Both parties have great expectations.

British Prime Minister Theresa May rarely talked about his private life to a pragmatic and determined politician with little personal experience. His husband, Philip May, is an exceptionally low-key, long-time media and social worker. Public view. However, Teresa May had admitted in her interview that Philippe was her most important reliance. Such an important “first gentleman” what kind of a mysterious figure?

Love at first sight at the party

In 1957, Philip May was born in Norfolk, in eastern England, John May was the shoe wholesaler, and his mother Joy May was the girls’ school French teacher.

In 1976, Phillip, a freshman at the Conservative party at Oxford University, met with later Pakistani female Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who met his two-year-old Teresa, Shah met Philip at first sight. The same love of cricket fell in love more than three years later, in September 6, 1980 married, married 36 years still feeling deep, but the two did not have children.

British Prime Minister Theresa May who once impressed the outside world with a “political woman” once admitted in her interview that Philippe was her most important reliance. 1981 Terresa Mei’s priest died in a car accident, a year later, mother also because of multiple sclerosis left, as she was the only child she died after another parental blow to accompany her out of bereavement pain is Phillip .

In May 2017, Prime Minister Teresa May with one hand pushing ahead with the UK’s election campaign has softened the image of hard-ning voters and launched a “loving card” with her husband Philip. At that time, Teresa May said that her husband was going to cook while her husband was trashing garbage. The political woman said that the secret of maintaining a marriage is to pay each other for “gender division” when doing housework.

Phillip said that Teresa May never took the matter to the bedroom for discussion. He is frankly honored to be the pillow of the Prime Minister, but displeased with the man who serves his wife, saying “If you expect every morning at 6 am (Teresa) to put the tea on the table, you will be disappointed” .

Supporting Wife Becoming “Next Lady Thatcher”

South Korean reporter was nominated for a spokesman for the Blue House has an exclusive report of cynics and cadres

                    (Original title: South Korean reporter was nominated by Blue Moon spokesman for exclusive coverage of a letter of good faith in case of government)

                                   According to the Yonhap news agency reported on the 29th, South Korean President Cheong Wa Dae news that the presidential text in Yin nominated before the “South Korean News” chief reporter Kim Yi-chien as a spokesman for Cheong Wa Dae, now spokesman Park So-hyun due to run In the local elections in June this year, they resigned.

It is reported that Jin Yiqian was born in Guanshan City, North Jeolla Province, graduated from Korea University Department of Law, in 1990 into the “Korean National News” newspaper became a social department, political department reporter, later served as director of the social department, responsible for political and social news Deputy director, commentators, editorial board chief reporter and so on.

资料图片:青瓦台发言人被提名人金宜谦。(图片来源:韩联社) Information Photo: Cheong Wa Dae Spokesperson Nominee Jin Yi Qian. (Source: Yonhap News)

The problem of violence among primary and secondary school students in Thailand ranks second in the world with 40%

                    (Former Title: Thai Primary and Secondary Students Violence Up to 40% in the World)

                                   BEIJING, January 29 Xinhua According to Thailand’s “World News” reported that Thai mental health office Wenliang 28, said that the problem of primary and secondary school students in Thailand reached 40%, ranking second in the world, the survey found that nearly 60 Thousands of students were subjected to violence and oppression in schools.

Wenliang said that the problem of student violence in Thailand is getting worse and that the phenomenon of mutual violence and bullying since the beginning of kindergarten. In particular, the current accessibility to the Internet and the paucity of time spent between parents and children have led children to imitate the Internet. Bullying in the media bully others. Bully children are irritated, scared emotions, do not want to go to kindergartens and schools are increasingly serious. Now there even appear to be a way to intimidate students through information posted on the Internet, pictures or videos.

Radiation warning did not take the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant near the opening of the construction of industrial parks

                    (Original title: Radiation warning is not open Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant near the construction of industrial park)


BEIJING, January 29 According to Japanese media reports, recently in Fukushima, Japan, to build the industrial rehabilitation base of the project in Tokyo Electric Power Company Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is located in Fukushima Prefecture, part of Shirahama-cho The area started construction. After the nuclear accident, the town resident was forced to seek refuge in other areas.

图为记者12日在东电福鸟第一核电站拍摄的现场情况。 Figure: Fuk first nuclear power plant.

Although it has been reported that the evacuation instructions for the entire area of ​​Shimabara-machi, Fukushima Prefecture have not been lifted after the nuclear accident, the Nakano area in the northeastern part of the country was designated as “evacuation indication preparation area” due to the small radiation dose, , Can carry out business activities.

It is learned that the government of Futaba prefecture intends to devote about 50 hectares of land in the area to the construction of an industrial rehabilitation base and plans to put it into operation partly before autumn of this year.

Russian fire dead or return two Chinese women injured Chinese citizens

                    (Original title: Russian fire victims or injured Chinese citizens returning to China for two Chinese women)


BEIJING, January 29 (Xinhua) China’s Consulate General in Irkutsk, Russia, recently announced that the early morning of January 28, Russia’s Irkutsk Oblast Lake Baikal Aolihong Island tourist area of ​​a serious hotel Two people were killed and seven others were injured in a fire. It has been confirmed that two female Chinese citizens were killed in the fire and one Chinese citizen was injured in the accident and has now arranged to return to China.

截图自中国驻俄罗斯伊尔库茨克总领馆网站。 Screenshot from Chinese Consulate-General of Russia in Irkutsk.

After the incident, the Chinese Consulate contacted the relevant departments of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Irkutsk in Irkutsk Region and the Emergency Situations Ministry of Irkutsk region to find out the casualties of Chinese citizens. Russia informed that due to various reasons, the nationality and identity of the deceased need to be further identified; there is no Chinese citizen among the injured.

As of the morning of January 29, two consecutive Chinese women were killed in the fire by the Chinese consulate on successive occasions through hotels, tour guides, travel agencies and other parties to verify and update the Russian authorities.

The Chinese consular post has contacted the relevant departments in China to request assistance in finding the relatives of the deceased relatives so as to get in touch with relatives as soon as possible.

In addition, on the evening of the 28th, further verification was carried out and one Chinese nationality among the victims of the fire was promptly taken to the hospital in Irkutsk for treatment. The Chinese Embassy immediately sent officers to the hospital to visit the wounded and expressed their condolences. According to the wishes of the wounded, the Chinese consulate has already assisted Beijing Airlines in its early morning flight to return to Beijing on the 29th.

The Chinese consulate will maintain close communication with the relevant departments and personnel and will spare no efforts in helping relevant remedial work.

New Zealand’s premier partner: love with her like the grand prize love strong woman

                    (Original title: New Zealand’s prime minister mate: love with her like the grand prize love woman)



female prime minister of New Zealand A Deen and his partner Gayford (Source: New Zealand Herald)

overseas online January 29 electrical u0026 nbsp; New Zealand Prime Minister Jie Xinda · A Deen female companion Clark In an interview with the British newspaper The Times, Clarke Gayford said his ideal type has always been “strong woman, ambitious woman.” And Adnan became a companion, just like the “Grand Prize” the same.

According to the New Zealand Herald, Gaffold, New Zealand’s “First Partner,” said that when the woman’s Prime Minister told him about her pregnancy, the first reaction in his mind was: “How exactly is she planning her immediate These things? “But when he thought of Adrien’s handling of the coalition’s negotiations and other issues during the 2017 election, he felt that she was undoubtedly capable of everything. Gaffold said in an interview: “There was one thing that touched me very much during the intense phase of negotiations, when she was under a lot of pressure but Adrien was the coolest person I ever met. Well integrated into that environment and worked hard to do it, and I was wondering if we could overcome that difficulty and spend the rest of that period then we could go through any difficulties. “

He also said:” Meet me I know that I’m always attracted to ambitious and ambitious women and I feel like I’ve won a big prize with Ahn. “

It is learned that New Zealand Prime Minister Adnan told her in Wellington via video call The partner announced the news of pregnancy, when Gaffer was filming the television show “Fish of the Day.” Gaffold said the news of her pregnancy was a huge surprise. He disclosed that they had sought advice from fertility experts before, but they suspended the program when Adrien was appointed Labor head.

Indian Prime Minister Modi will visit Palestine for the first time in the history of the country

                    (Original title: Indian Prime Minister to visit Palestine will hit the history of the country for the first time)


[Global Network] According to the Indian News Agency, AsiaNews reported on January 28, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will pay a historic visit to Palestine during the trip to the Middle East from February 9 to 12, For the first time, there will be Indian Prime Minister’s visit to Palestine. In addition, he will also visit the United Arab Emirates and Oman. This will also be his second visit to the UAE since August 2015. On the evening of January 27, the Indian Foreign Ministry said: “In addition to participating in other activities, the premier will also hold discussions with leaders of these countries on issues of common interest.”

Prior to Modi’s visit to Palestine, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyah, Yahoo just visited India this month, during which the two sides agreed to resume negotiations on Israel’s providing a $ 500 million “spike” anti-tank missile to India. The deal was not clear until recently.

Trump just announced the Jerusalem resolution Modi is going to visit Palestine

                    (Original title: Trump just announced Jerusalem resolution Modi is going to visit Palestine)


特朗普刚宣布耶路撒冷决议 莫迪就要出访巴勒斯坦

On December 6, U.S. President Trump announced the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and will start the process of moving the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. A day later, Adnan Albania, Palestinian ambassador to India,
 Abu Alihaijaa said on the state television station Rajya Sabha TV that Indian Prime Minister Modi will pay a quick visit to Palestine.

According to a report by the Al-Faisal December 8, Ali Aijia is participating in a program on the television that day and announced the news during the panel discussion. However, Ali Yi Jia did not disclose the specific date Modi visited Palestine. According to reports, while attending the program, he said India has always supported the Palestinian cause and the “two-nation program,” and has sought world-wide support for the decision to oppose Trump. Ali Aija said that this U.S. decision is also a violation of international resolutions and “Trump’s circular has led the United States to no longer act as a promoter of the peace process.”

In addition, Ali Aija clarified that ” The absence of a Palestinian State without East Jerusalem will not be accepted in the future. He also expressed his opinions on the United States and Israel on television: “I think from the very beginning, the United States brokered the peace process and once supported Israel, and we have been talking to Israel since 1994. They (the United States) The Israelis did nothing to put pressure on us, and we paid everything for peace in the region, and I think Israelis wanted land and peace, “he said.

Earlier on the 7th, Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Kumar India has just expressed its position on this issue. Kumar said that “India’s position on Palestine is independent and consistent, which is shaped by our own opinions and interests and will not be decided by any third country.”

On the same day, New Delhi Television reported that Kumar Is also the first official response from India to Trump’s decision.

As one of the major initiators of the Non-Aligned Movement, India has always supported Palestine’s position on the Palestine-Israel issue and India’s statement has always regarded East Jerusalem as the capital of the future Palestinian state. Earlier this year, during a visit to India by Palestinian President Abbas, in a joint statement issued by the two countries, Modi also emphasized India’s support of an independent Palestinian state. However, the statement did not mention East Jerusalem.

The East Jerusalem area is considered by Palestine as the future capital. However, after the 1967 war, Israel had complete control over Jerusalem and insisted on having sovereignty over the region and was barred from negotiations. However, with the closer relations with Israel, India’s attitude toward the Palestine-Israel issue is also subtler.

India recognized Israel as a sovereign state in 1950, but it was not until 1992 that the two countries formally established diplomatic relations. After the establishment of diplomatic relations, the relations between the two countries have been warming up, especially in defense relations. In April this year, Israel and India signed more record-breaking big orders. India will purchase nearly 2 billion U.S. dollars worth of medium-range surface-to-air missile defense systems from Israel. In July this year, Modi also made a state visit to Israel. He also became the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel. The Israeli Prime Minister went to the airport personally and received a high standard of reception.

Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant started construction of an industrial park

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