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Tunisian men involved in Italy arrested their brother had fought in France

                    (Original title: Tunisian men involved in Italy arrested their brother had fought in France)

                                   Ahmed Hanachi, a 29-year-old Tunisian citizen, killed two young women in Marseille, France’s southern port city, on October 1, France. Ahmed Hanna pool was killed by the police. It is reported that he had lived in the Italian city of Apulia for several years.

US media: abandoned American who for four consecutive years of growth in addition to Trump also have this reason

                    (Original title: US media: abandon the American who at least four consecutive years of steady growth mainly because of this)

                                   According to the United States this “opportunity paradise”, each year more than 5,000 citizens to give up their nationality, and the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Immigration field chase “foreign dream”. The United States, “World Daily” reported on October 9 that the abandonment of American people for at least four consecutive years of steady growth, the reason, and the United States to citizens as the basis for the tax system.

According to the US Treasury quarterly published in the Federal Gazette the latest data, as of June 30, 2017, and another 758 people to give up the United States, which is the second quarter of 2016 after the abandonment of the most American Quarterly.

During the election last year, has been popular “Trump if elected, I will immigrate abroad,” the joke. In fact, thousands of citizens in the United States each year to give up their nationality, and Trump elected president of the relationship is not. Experts point out that the vast majority of American immigrants are due to the US tax system. The United States to citizens as the basis of taxation means that even if the Americans living abroad also to the US government to pay taxes. While other countries are mostly residents based on tax collection. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), which was adopted by the Obama administration, was referred to as the “fat coffee” clause because of homophonic. This requirement requires foreign financial institutions to cooperate with the account and asset information of US citizens with a personal asset of US $ 50,000 in personal assets; to require foreign banks to withhold the assets of US citizens or to pay 30% of the income of US citizens’ accounts into the IRS The This restriction has led many foreign banks to stop serving foreign Americans, but there are still hundreds of countries or sovereign areas and the United States have agreements, in accordance with the “fat coffee” clause, to collect and provide US taxpayer information to the IRS.

Iran Army Commander: If the United States to implement the new sanctions, please withdraw the missile range

                    (Original title: the Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander: the United States if the implementation of the new sanctions on the withdrawal of Iran missile range)

                                   US Treasury on September 14 announced the imposition of sanctions against Iran’s four entities and seven individuals, accusing them of supporting the Iranian ballistic missile program and launching a cyber attack on the US financial system. US President Trump on 5 October once again accused Iran of violating the spirit of the Iranian nuclear agreement. According to RIA Novosti quoted the Iranian Tasnim news agency reported that the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Commander Jaafari on the United States may impose a new sanctions on Iran to the Trump government issued a warning.

South Korea dropped out of the National Day hot tourist list list this year to South Korea tourists dropped 62%

                    (Original title: South Korea fell out of the National Day hot tourist destination list, this year to South Korea tourists dropped 62%)


According to the National Tourism Administration before the holiday is expected, Golden Week tourist trips up to 710 million, close to one-tenth of the global population. According to various travel agencies released this year’s National Day Golden Week tourism report, Thailand, Japan no accident on the list of the most popular countries outbound, but once the popular destination Korea is out of the list.

However, the Hong Kong tourism industry, which had once been sluggish in previous years, has witnessed a counterattack this year. The number of visitors to the Golden Week on the first day of the Golden Week has hit a five-year high, and Hong Kong has once again become the most popular tourist destination for the mainland. one.

As previously expected by all travel agencies, Thailand and Japan have become the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists this year’s Golden Week. Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the Philippines, the top ten countries of the “11” countries in this year are in the short-term direction. The top three destinations for hotline destinations include the United States, Canada and Australia. Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Maldives, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Cambodia.

Once out of travel is a big show is bleak, in Ctrip, cattle, donkey mother and many other travel agencies announced the Golden Week outbound hot list of destinations, South Korea are on the list.

This statistic is consistent with what the Korean media reported. According to Yonhap news agency reported on October 8, South Korea Tourism Corporation released a data show that from January to August this year, the number of foreign tourists to South Korea was about 8.864 million, down 22.8% year on year. Over the same period, South Korea outbound tourism increased by 17.7%, reaching 17.396 million passengers, the number of outbound tourists is equivalent to 1.96 times the inbound travel.

South Korean media analysts believe that the sharp drop in Chinese tourists to South Korea may be the main reason for the reduction of foreigners in Korea. January to August this year, to China and South Korea tourists about 287.35 million, down 48.8% year on year. Especially in March this year, a sharp decline in Chinese tourists to South Korea. From March to August this year, Chinese tourists to South Korea fell by as much as 62.2% year on year.

Mainland visitors have risen sharply

It is worth mentioning that Hong Kong has shown a picking trend in the Golden Week this year, and the growth of free tourists in the Mainland has become the mainstay of boosting Hong Kong’s tourism industry Factors, while the number of team members also increased significantly.

Trump talk about the peninsula foreign ministry: to solve the peninsula nuclear issue need not forget the beginning

                    (Original title: Hua Chunying: to solve the peninsula nuclear issue, the United States and the DPRK need not forget the original heart)

                                   7th local time on the 7th afternoon, the United States President Trump, pushing again, once again talked about the situation on the Korean peninsula. He said that the US presidents and governments had reached some agreements with the DPRK, but many agreements and even “the ink was not dry” was violated and the solution to the DPRK issue was “only one thing.” On the 9th, when asked about the comments, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Huahun Chun responded by two facts. She said that former US President Carter recently wrote in the Washington Post that the world is facing the possibility of another outbreak of the Korean War, the US side should take the initiative to propose high-level delegation to Pyongyang for peace talks or support in all parties are accepted International meetings with the participation of interested parties. Huapun Ying went on to say that, according to reports, Gallup recently conducted a poll on 14 countries, the overwhelming majority of people support the peaceful settlement of the peninsula crisis through diplomatic negotiations.

Hua Chunying said that the current situation on the Korean Peninsula is still complex and grim. We hope that all parties concerned will strictly abide by and implement the relevant resolutions of the Security Council, and do not take mutual encouragement and aggravate the words and deeds of the contradictions, and we must exercise restraint and exercise our efforts to ease the situation.

Russian Foreign Ministry: If the United States continue to press the Russian media will take measures to the US media

                    (The original title: Russian Foreign Ministry: If the United States to continue to press the Russian media will take the appropriate measures)

                                   Russia and the United States recently in the diplomatic field of mutual sanctions temporarily subsided, but in the field of information media is still hot pursuit……….. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaharova said on Wednesday that Russia would continue to press the “Today’s Russia” (RT) television station, according to a statement by the Russian government on August 8, Russia will be forced to take similar measures against the US media.

Manchu Memorial Korean: Japan is the world’s most educated country

                    (The original title: Wen in the Yin issued a memorial to Han Wen said South Korea is the world’s lowest rate of illiteracy countries)

                                   Japan’s president on the 9th in the facebook published a message that the King Sejong created the Korean alphabet so that people can read and write to facilitate the exchange, its purpose and the spirit of democracy in harmony with the spirit of democracy.

text in Yin said, Han is the greatest thing for the people of the humanistic care, Korean easy to learn easy to remember, easy to teaser. In addition, he also attached a photo of his first publication of the first published prose of metal in the United Nations Headquarters. Today, Sejong King promulgated the “training people is the sound” 571 anniversary, the Sejong word for the public to express their own difficulties to write the right to provide a convenient door, reflects the people and the people for the people of the idea.

In Yin also said that it is Korea to South Korea to become the world’s lowest illiteracy rate, the highest level of education in the country, to develop a unique Korean culture. Korean alphabet design science, easy to computer and mobile phone input, in the social network era even more advantages.

The United States was exposed to Taiwan troops to purchase hundreds of millions of dollars User: hold the consequences of thighs

                    (The original title: Taiwan was “taken advantage of” the US military over the monthly purchase of hundreds of millions of dollars)

                                   US Reserve Bank of New York Branch

 美国储备银?纽约分行。(图片来源:台湾联合新闻网) US Reserve Silver New York Branch. (Photo Source: Taiwan United News Network)

overseas network October 9th Taiwan was “taken advantage of” The United States every month from the arms purchase account super hundreds of millions of dollars. After the news exposure, Taiwan users are all condemning again and again, there are friends at this point: This is the consequences of holding the thighs.

Taiwan United News Network 9 to “Taiwan was when the card? The US side from the arms purchase account over the number of hundreds of millions of dollars, “the title, reported that the Taiwan defense department in response to the US military purchase payments in the US reserve bank to open arms purchase account, deposit a large sum of money to the US withdrawal, but the audit found that the United States From the arms purchase account to receive military purchases, beyond the actual payment needs, the monthly amount of the actual amount of expenditure beyond the month actually as high as 0.94 to 254 million US dollars. Taiwan users are all indignant, there are friends at the “This is the consequences of holding the thighs,” there are users irony, “This is Cai Yingwen to engage in ‘Taiwan independence’ must pay the protection fee, very reasonable.”

“Celtics” in the Taiwan population is “taken advantage of” means. The four words of the “cave diplomacy” are no stranger to the Taiwan authorities, and the people are ironically “golden aid diplomacy” as “Kaizi diplomacy”. Over the years, the Taiwan authorities have repeatedly tried to maintain the so-called “allies” The In the period of Chen Shui-bian authorities, “Cairn Diplomacy” became popular, and even broke the scandal of “surrendering to the court,” the former president of El Salvador, surrendered to the court. This user lee tommy had “poison tongue” opposite: this “Kay Diplomacy”, not only spent the people of Taiwan people’s people cream, but also “bad” people’s government officials.

The authorities are three days to the “allies” that money. In August this year, Tsai Ing-wen white sent “allies” 100 million. Taiwan’s foreign affairs department head Li Dawei to Central America so-called “allies” Belize, Taiwan to be “gold aid” Belize 60 million US dollars, of which 20 million US dollars (about 130 million yuan) for the donation, do not return. The remaining $ 40 million is allocated for four years.

United Nations: Peacekeepers were killed in the DRC military base

                    (United Nations) said the peacekeeping soldiers in the Congo (gold) military base attack killed)

                                   The United Nations Stabilization Mission in the Congo (FGG) said on the 9th, in the eastern part of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, The government armed forces attacked a local United Nations peacekeeping force camp on the same day, killing one Peacekeepers and injuring 12 peacekeepers. 7949, 7,89456_5_65473_9

On the evening of the 7th, more than half of the barracks in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) government in Baini, North Kivu, were also attacked by the Ugandan rebels, three of whom were attacked by the attackers, killing at least 40 people.

Congo (DRC) The eastern part of the situation is unstable, many local armed and foreign rebels in the local entrenched. According to the relevant United Nations agencies, thousands of civilians have been killed in armed conflicts in the eastern part of the country since last year. In the end of this month, countries such as Congo (DRC), Uganda and other countries in the Great Lakes region will hold a meeting to discuss security issues such as the situation in the eastern region of the Congo (DRC).

Three police officers suspected of helping the British pull out of Thailand police: lack of evidence can not prosecute

                    (Original title: 3 police suspected of helping the British pull out of Thailand police: lack of evidence can not prosecute)



overseas online October 9 electric u0026 nbsp; September 23, Thai police said, there are three police officers suspected of assisting former Thai Prime Minister Yingluck flee Thailand. Police then collected DNA samples from the Toyota car, to confirm whether the British pull the car to escape Thailand. October 9, the police received a preliminary report shows that DNA samples can not match, so there is no evidence to “malfeasance” on the grounds of prosecution involved in Interpol.

3.jpg suspected of carrying the British pull fled silver sedan

According to “Bangkok Post” news, police on September 21 in Thailand, Nakhon Pathom seized a Bangkok licenses silver Toyota Camry (Toyota Camry), The car and the British “missing” the same day to monitor the video captured the same suspicious vehicles. The investigation revealed that the vehicle’s license plate was forged, and that the identity of the user and the registrant did not match, and the police suspected that someone had used the car with incomplete information to help the British flee, thus collecting the DNA and fingerprint information of the relevant party and the suspect vehicle, The samples collected in the residence are compared to determine whether she is riding the car to escape the border.

However, Sri Lanka National Police Chief of Police Srivara Ransibrahmanakul announced on Monday (October 9) that preliminary report showed that the samples collected from Toyota were fouling too seriously and that the police could not be compared accurately. Evidence can prove that the car used to flee Thailand.

In this way, the police can not rely on Thailand’s “Criminal Law” Article 157, “malfeasance” to prosecute involved in Interpol. Thai police chief said that at present, only the confession proved that the British car used to escape, but with forensic evidence to support the police can not prosecute involved in Interpol, but for the three police investigation, or will continue Go on.

1.jpg Thai police collect DNA samples

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