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UAE senior officials: Qatar if you give up the World Cup or can lift the crisis

                    (Original title: the UAE top words: Qatar if the World Cup, diplomatic crisis or will be lifted)

                                   According to the Associated Press reported on Oct. 9, the United Arab Emirates senior official Tamim said that if Doha to give up hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar’s diplomatic crisis may end. Although the Associated Press said it was the first time that Arab officials had linked the World Cup to the Qatar diplomatic crisis for several months, the Qatar authorities said the boycott would not pose a threat to the World Cup.


Tamim is the chief of the police in Dubai. “If Qatar abandons the World Cup, the Qatar crisis will end,” he said in a press release, according to US media, who is often “outspoken” in social media.


According to reports, the FIFA personnel survey found that Qatar by virtue of generous funding of sports institutions, only in the year won the 2022 FIFA’s right to host. But the Qatar authorities believe that this is not evidence of improper behavior of the team.


American economist Richard Suller won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics

                    (Original title: American scholar Richard Seiler won the 2017 Nobel Prize in economics)




Beijing News News (Reporter Zhu Yue Yi) Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Beijing announced Monday, will be awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics, University of Chicago professor Richard Thaler (Richard Thaler), to In recognition of his contribution to the field of behavioral economics.

Britain and a submarine two officers were suspended: and the boat under the female subordinate ambiguous relationship

                    (The original title: British strategic submarine two officers were suspended due to female and subordinate relationship ambiguous)


British media disclosure, the British a strategic nuclear submarine’s captain and the “second in chief” because of the two female subordinates with the boat have “inappropriate relationship”, in the course of navigation caused other dissatisfaction with the crew, forcing the higher authorities to deal with emergency , Two parties were suspended and investigated.

This submarine is the British “avant-garde” class strategic nuclear submarines in the “alert” number, can load 16 strategic nuclear missiles.

British “Daily Telegraph” in early October first disclosed that the captain Stewart Armstrong because of a lower female officer “wrong relationship” has been suspended investigation. At the same time was suspended for the boat’s “second in command”, the reason is the relationship between men and women, the object is another female subordinates. July 8, a number of British media also reported that the submarine in the last to the United States on the way to the submarine, the two highest commanders and female subordinate “submarine romance” angered other crew, so that submarines arrived in the United States, Five officers threatened to “leave” to protest. An officer reported the incident to the superior at the motherland of the United Kingdom, who sent him to the United States and ordered the two commanders to suspend.

British Navy insiders said that a ship of one or two hands at the same time was suspended investigation unprecedented.

A spokesman for the Navy said the strategic nuclear submarine did not carry out strategic patrols at the time, and the two highest commanders were suspended and did not affect the capacity of the craft.

British military in 1990 for the first time to allow women to serve in the ship, initially in the surface of the ship, opened in 2011 submarine post.

Armstrong, 41 years old, in 2011 in the attack submarine service in the multinational interference in the civil war in Libya, in February this year, another strategic nuclear submarine from the “vigilance” captain. British tabloid “The Sun” reported that Armstrong divorced five years ago.

British media did not announce the “second director” and two women’s identity.

Merkel will open a coalition government cabinet meeting on October 18th

                    (The original title: news! Merkel will be opened on October 18, the coalition government cabinet dialogue)

                                   Kyrgyzstan reported on Oct. 9 that she would take the lead in discussing the formation of coalition government with the two parties on October 18.

According to reports, Merkel led the Union Party (CDU / UNRAC), will first represent the interests of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, the Liberal Democratic Party and the left party party green party dialogue. After 2 days, all German political parties will join the coalition government cabinet negotiations.

A hospital in India within 24 hours of 16 children died doctors: non-hypoxia caused

                    (Original title: a hospital in India Uttar Pradesh 24 hours 16 children died)

                                   More than 16 children have died in the past 24 hours, including the following: (a) the number of children who died in the past 24 hours, including the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, 10 infants. Reported that the past 24 hours, 20 encephalitis children admitted to the college. Doctors said the 16 children died not because of hypoxia or health care is not in place, because they come in already in a very dangerous state.

reported that there are still dozens of encephalitis patients still in the hospital for treatment. Count the 16 dead patients, this year the number of deaths in the medical school has reached 310 people. This year the medical school were treated a total of 1470 patients with encephalitis.

In August this year, the medical school had occurred within 72 hours of 63 children died, after the report was due to hypoxia caused by the cause.

Nobel Prize winner Taylor: will be spent irrational way to spend money

                    (Original title: study of human limited rational economics Bonus winner: I will be the most irrational to spend money)

                                   July 9, US economist Richard Thaler (Richard Thaler) alone won the Nobel Prize in economics, so far in the 49 Nobel Prize in Economics, he is the first 25 do not have to And other economists to share bonuses, won the 9 million Swedish kroner bonus Nobel Prize winner.

Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences to three key words about human nature, summed up the Taylor will be promoted to the Nobel Prize economics results: limited rationality, social preferences, lack of self-control.

So Taylor was asked: Will “like ordinary people” spend money?

Lenin many pieces of personal items for the first time exhibited with a bullet that almost killed him

                    (Original title: Lenin many pieces of personal items for the first time included including almost killed his bullets)

                                   July 22, 2014, Moscow, Russia, people gathered in the Red Square on the tomb of Lenin flowers, to commemorate the 144th anniversary of the birth of Lenin…………… On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, many of Lenin’s private items met with the public for the first time at an exhibition in Moscow, including his wedding ring, which almost killed him, and on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution. His biography bullet, his transcripts, his love letters, and his famous forward hat … …

According to the Egyptian government reported on September 29, the Russian national archives director Andre Sorokkin said: “Unfortunately, the new generation of Russia has little knowledge of the history of the country, especially the historical events of Lenin and the October Revolution.”

reported that the exhibition for the audience is a flesh and blood of Lenin – he hit Have great achievements, but it is not without defects. The exhibition begins with combing the genealogy of Lenin, telling the visitor that he is from an old family and finally showing the days he had had to spend in the wheelchair for the last few years. Vladimir Ulyanov was born in 1870, Lenin is his alias to participate in the revolution. He used to be a hardworking student with a good memory, but his grades were not very good. Among the many historical archives, including the information that the tsar ordered to be involved in the killing of the Lenin brothers on April 19, 1887. This event completely changed the life of Lenin. In 1898, Lenin married with Naji da Kruppskaya, and the photo of the wedding was exhibited at the exhibition.

Lenin was first arrested in 1894, when he was in St. Petersburg, a police station’s inquiry is still retained so far. “I do not think history should be buried.” The information is a memory of history and a test of Lenin’s merits and demerits. “What we need to do is to not go to extremes when interpreting the history of Russia (the Soviet Union).”

Reported that in Lenin’s personal items but also included his famous forward hat. The forward hat accompanied Lenin in many historical moments, including the important moment that he had returned from Finland to the October Revolution. Lenin ‘s personal belongings also include a pocket watch, a military coat, a few medals, a thermostat, a camera and a few pairs of hiking boots, because Lenin is a mountaineering enthusiast. Although he does not smoke, but there are still a cigarette in these items.

Russian media concern in China and Russia wide body aircraft: how important China to see the name to know

                    (Original title: Russian media concern in China and Russia wide body aircraft CR929: how important China depends on the aircraft name to know _ “reference message” official website)

                                   Russian media said Boeing and Airbus Russian rival named CR929……………… China in the name of the weight of the heavier, it is a reasonable explanation. The Chinese market will digest nearly a thousand new wide-body aircraft made with Russian wisdom. The two sides will win a win-win from this cooperation. (China) Commercial Aviation Co., Ltd. (COMAC) Shanghai headquarters held a naming ceremony of the Russian-China long-distance trunk wide-body aircraft, according to a report published on September 29th. The series of aircraft was officially named CR929. The letters C and R represent China and Russia, respectively. Numbers 929 are also symbolic: 9 in the Chinese culture has a permanent meaning, 2 that the aircraft by the two companies work together to jointly develop. Chinese people own the first narrow body passenger code for the C919.

Russian Federation Aviation Manufacturing Group Corporation (UAC) and COMAC also released a joint venture company Sino-Russian International Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. (CRAIC) LOGO.

article said that Russia and China decided to jointly develop. China’s choice of Russia as a partner can understand the reasons. Geopolitical friendship is important, but Beijing is more recognized is the technical advantages of the Russian aviation manufacturing industry, it believes that with the help of China’s funds, the two countries can jointly break the Boeing and Airbus in this market double-headed monopoly. “The next 20 years is an important strategic opportunity for the development of the global civil industry.We will strive to build CR929 into a successful example of cooperation between China and Russia.”

The article argues that Russia’s theoretically Can develop their own aircraft, but the cost and risk is too high. R u0026 D costs are estimated at $ 13 billion, and $ 7 billion is needed for marketing and the provision of spare parts supply systems. At the current exchange rate, this is equivalent to 1.2 trillion rubles. Sharing risk with partners is a consistent practice for similar projects. Moreover, China will ensure a huge sales market. Russia also needs this kind of aircraft, but the number is relatively small. Therefore, even if the West for internal and political reasons to resist the Russian aircraft, CR929 will not have no way out. China will certainly buy Russian-made aircraft, rather than Europe and the United States aircraft.

Therefore, in the aircraft code more prominent in China, the origin is also located in China are reasonable. Russia will be the engineering center of the design aircraft, assume the main technical task, that is, the main supplier is the Russian company. They will be assembled parts in Russia, which the Russian aviation industry is a huge help.

In addition to the final assembly, China will also be authorized to assemble the fuselage. Russia will manufacture wings and have a technical qualification certificate. COMAC is responsible for sales. “In fact, Russia and China who are no one who we are weak, but the engineering technology is excellent. China wants our thinking.” China is very much. Need its own long-haul aircraft – its transport market is huge, and Russia and do not want to buy American aircraft. “

Finally, the two countries can jointly develop a new aircraft for 35 tons thrust heavy engine.

CR929 There are currently only 1:10 models. But according to the latest news, it will be completed in 2025 first flight. Of course, this time has been repeatedly postponed, initially 2022 years, then 2024 years. However, this ambitious project does not need to be anxious, for Boeing and Airbus, the new aircraft extension is a normal thing to do.

2045 years ago (from the beginning of sales from about 19-20 years) sales plan is 800-1000 aircraft. This sales will prove CR929 in commercial success.

俄媒关注中俄宽体客机CR929:中国有多重要 看飞机名字就知道_《参考消息》官方网站

German supermarket suspects were arrested to extort tens of millions of euros

                    (The original title: Germany arrested the supermarket suspects had to extortion tens of millions of euros)


ZTEA, Berlin, Sept. 30 / PRNewswire-FirstCall / – The Konstanz Detachment, Germany, announced today that a suspect has been arrested in a survey of blackmail cases. According to German media reports, the suspect had previously threatened to a number of supermarket chains food poisoning, and extortion of tens of millions of euros.

According to the information disclosed by the prosecution, the suspect is a 53-year-old man from the southern city of Tuden-Württemberg in Tübingen. The police arrested the residents on the afternoon of the 29th local time. The big supermarket chains in the event include Aldi, Rossmann, Lidl, dm, Mueller, and so on. In the event, Edeka, Norma and Rewe. With regard to the amount of blackmail in the supermarket, the “newspaper newspaper” pointed out that up to 10 million euros, “South German Journal” and the German television also reported that not less than 10 million.

Although the suspect has not pleaded guilty so far, Prosecutor Alexander Boger said at a news conference in Constance that day that the police and prosecutors are now convinced that he is a perpetrator. There is no evidence that there is an accomplice in this case.

Turkish border security authorities arrested more than 2,500 illegal transgressors

                    (Original title: Turkey arrested more than 2,500 illegal transgressors)

                                   Anadolu News Agency reported on Sept. 30 that 2553 illegal transgressors were arrested by the Turkish border security authorities on the 29th. A total of 2488 people were arrested when they were illegally entering Turkey from Syria and 61 were arrested when they were illegally entering Greece from Turkey, while the remaining few were from the Turkish General Staff of the Armed Forces. Greece and Iraq. The message did not reveal the nationality of the arrested person. Since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war in 2011, Turkey has become an important channel for Syrian refugees to travel to Europe, and Turkey itself has accommodated more than 3 million Syrian refugees. Recently, the Turkish government has strengthened border control measures, including the construction of a total length of 828 km of the border wall.

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