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Bit currency China retreat work end: at 10 o’clock on October 30 to stop the cash

                    (Original title: Bitcoin China retreat work end: will be on October 30 at 12 o’clock to stop to mention)


October 10, one of the three major foreign currency coin currency in China in its official WeChat public announcement that will be held on October 30 at 12:00 Beijing time to stop the business, to remind users as soon as possible. At the same time, according to the anti-money laundering law and other relevant laws and our wind control management requirements, users need to complete the video verification. This also means that Bitco currency in China’s customer funds, asset retirement work will be completed at the end of the month.

In addition, Bitcoin China also said in the announcement, its pool (pool) and other business will not be affected, continue to normal operation.

Bitcoin China has closed its digital assets and RMB recharge function at 12:00 noon on September 27th and closed all trading functions at 12:00 noon on September 30th. Headquartered in Beijing, the other two major foreign currency coins and OKCoin currency line will be in the October 31 to stop all the digital assets of the RMB trading business, its funds, assets, the work is also underway.

following is Bitcoin Chinese original announcement

Dear Bitcoin users in China,

to implement the September 4 Chinese People’s Bank and other seven ministries issued “on guard against behalf Za issue of financing risks announcement” spiritual, positive In response to national supervision, Bitco China will be in Beijing on October 30 at 12:00 pm to stop the business.

Details are as follows:

1. Platform digital assets and the people of the final offer deadline for the October 30 at 12:00, please as soon as possible.

2. Bit Coin China since the first day of the establishment of adhere to the implementation of 100% reserve system to ensure the safety of user assets. All of the user’s operations (including Renminbi, Bitcoin, Leyl, Ether Square, etc.) will be processed within 72 hours. Please understand and be patient.

3. According to the relevant laws of the Anti-Money Laundering Law and our wind control management requirements, the user needs to complete the video certification. In order to ensure the safety of your assets, we may require you to provide more information, please understand and actively cooperate. Thank you!

4. Bit 帀 China’s pool (pool) and other business will not be affected, continue to normal operation.

If you have questions, please contact the online customer service or send an email to

Bitcoin China

October 10, 2017

Hangzhou points settled policy advice: Dr. donated bone marrow can be applied directly

                    (Original title: Hangzhou points settled policy advice: Dr., the success of bone marrow can be applied directly)


杭州积分落户政策征求意见:博士 捐骨髓可直接申请

Hangzhou residence permit points indicators show: doctoral degree, doctoral degree 90 points, master’s degree, master’s degree 70 points, bachelor’s degree, bachelor’s degree 50 points.

Hangzhou residence permit points management approach (Trial) is “China Hangzhou” government website for comments, comments as of October 17. According to the law in the city area to participate in social insurance 0.25 min / month …

杭州积分落户政策征求意见:博士 捐骨髓可直接申请

residence in Hangzhou integral management (tentative) basis points of the draft part, we can see:


doctoral degree, PhD 90 points , graduate degree, a master’s degree 70 minutes, bachelor’s degree, a bachelor’s degree 50 minutes;

professional titles or skill level

senior title 100 points, senior title or national vocational qualification certificate A (senior technician) 80 points.

Note: cultural level, title or skill level of the two only the highest score, not accumulated points, which made multiple titles or professional qualifications, by the applicant to determine their own one by one certificate to apply for points. The degree of education in the doctorate, master and undergraduate only get the corresponding degree or degree of one of the certificate by the standard score by 10 points.

杭州积分落户政策征求意见:博士 捐骨髓可直接申请

employment and participation in social security

law to participate in social insurance 0.25 points / month, up 75 points, did not participate in pension insurance does not score, do not pay the scoring in Hangzhou urban areas;

belong employment held by the labor contract , The investment in the establishment of enterprises, the registration of individual industrial and commercial households, holders of agricultural contract (land lease agreement), any employment in the case of any 10 points

residence and length of stay

1. In Hangzhou Since the purchase of property rights, 40 points. (In the Hangzhou area has a self-purchase of housing refers to the applicant or its spouse, parents, children from the purchase of property rights housing. Does not contain non-residential property room. Multi-suite is not accumulated points.)

2. House 8 points / year, the highest accumulated 40 points. (Refers to the applicant or his spouse, parents, children living in the rental housing rental housing rental housing should be consistent with the “Hangzhou housing rental safety management of a number of provisions” and “Hangzhou housing leasing management regulations.”)

Note: in Hangzhou City, since the purchase of property rights housing, housing legal housing to take the highest score.

3. Accumulated in the Hangzhou area for residential registration or (temporary) residence permit, 3 points / year, up to 45 points. (With disruption, every 12 months by 1 year, less than 12 months do not score;)

independent business registration, investors personal nearly 5 years in the urban area to pay personal income tax 50,000 yuan For 1 point, each additional 30,000 yuan plus 1 point, up to 20 points; non-investor personal 5 years in the urban area to pay the total wages and wages of personal income of 10,000 yuan for 1 point, each additional 5,000 yuan plus 1 point, the highest 20 points; to Hangzhou investment enterprises were rated AAA-Shou contract re-credit enterprises or provincial and municipal credit management model of the legal representative of the enterprise, the highest 10 points. (Invested in a partnership form, calculate the amount of tax and its share of investment holdings month.)

social services

successfully donated bone marrow (hematopoietic stem cells), 80 points ; participate in voluntary blood donation in the city, the cumulative Up to 200cc from 1 point, each additional 100cc plus 0.5 points, up to 10 points; volunteer service: 2 points / 20 hours, up to 10 points. …

How many points can be settled? Pre-score of 80 points or more can apply

The draft pointed out that the points to achieve a certain score, you can enjoy the relevant provisions of the corresponding public services or application points settled.

So, how many points to get to apply? May 26, Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau issued the “Hangzhou floating population points settled” notice for the notice of the provisions of the pre-assessment points to 80 points and above personnel, you can download the “Hangzhou City points to settle in the application form,” the ” And prepare the relevant evidence in the specified time, unified to the settled police station to accept the window to submit a written application.

According to the results of the audit score, according to the level of points to the applicant ranking, with the score in Hangzhou has housing, work, living years, etc. to determine the ranking.

What are the invited representatives to attend the conference?

                    (Original title: nineteen why there are invited representatives? | Nineteen nineteen asked)

                                   After the announcement of the list of deputies to the 15th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee has stated that the CPC Central Committee has also identified some of the old party members who have withdrawn from their positions as special guests.

十九大邀特邀代表出席大会 哪些人能成特邀代表?
China news agency reporter Liu Zhenshe

why have invited representatives?

Central Party School Professor Dai Yan Jun told China news agency reporters, this practice can be traced back to the 13th Party Congress, thirteen Big involves more old and new handover, so this design. According to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China “Important Chronicle of the Communist Party of China”, the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the election unit elected 13 representatives of 1936 people, the central representative of 61 people, a total of 1997 people. Since then this practice has been renewed. Public information, fourteen to eighteen five congress, have invited representatives to attend.

who can become a special representative

十九大邀特邀代表出席大会 哪些人能成特邀代表?
China news agency reporters He Peng and Lei She

Communist Party of China of the Fourteenth National Congress of the Credentials Committee report on behalf of the qualification in once wrote:? The Assembly In the light of the practice of the thirteen, the central authorities identified 46 members who had joined the party before 1927 and served important positions in the party, and the highly respected old party members were invited representatives. Dai Yanjun pointed out that the invitation of some long-term experience in the work of the old party members, help to improve the scientific decision-making. Chen Yiu Tong told reporters that this is a good practice since the reform and opening up, on the one hand reflects the importance of the old party members, respect, on the other hand, the Communist Party as the world’s largest ruling party, through the Experience inheritance can better fulfill the ruling mission.

It should be noted that the guest representative has the same right to formally represent the same.

In addition to the elected representatives and invited representatives, conventionally, the CPC Central Committee will also invite the relevant comrades in charge of the party and some party members to attend the General Assembly.

to attend the meeting, how many people, who should come? This matter by the party meeting of the first meeting of the General Assembly adopted. In the 18th Congress, for example, there are 17 members of the Central Committee of the Seventeenth Central Committee, alternate members and members of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. They are not representatives of the 18th Congress and the original Central Advisory Committee Members of the party had attended the Seventeenth Party part of the old comrades, as well as other comrades, a total of 314 people. From the opening and closing ceremonies of the conference, the incumbent and former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People ‘s Congress, vice – chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, the leaders of the democratic parties, the chairman of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce and vice – chairman of Beijing and none vice – chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’ s Political Consultative Conference Party representatives, the National People’s Congress, the CPPCC in the Beijing Standing Committee of the democratic parties, nonpartisan and ethnic and religious circles, a total of 147 people.

十九大邀特邀代表出席大会 哪些人能成特邀代表?
Chinese news agency Yu Fang Ping photo

Ke Jianming sued Ma Ying-jeou instigated the secret court still sentenced Ma Ying nine innocent

                    (Original title: Ke Jianming appellate Ma Ying-jeou abetted the secret court is still acquitted)


1490692733435573 (1).jpg
Ma Ying-jeou (Source: Taiwan’s “Central News Agency”)

overseas network October 11 electric u0026 nbsp; DPP caucus called Ke Jianming total private prosecution involving former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou abetting leak case, the court again Sentenced Ma Ying nine innocent. According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” reported that the appeal, Taiwan “High Court” today (11) still sentenced Ma Ying nine innocent. It is understood that Ma Ying-jeou, Ke Jianming did not court to hear. According to the overseas network earlier reported that the DPP “Legislative Yuan” party group called Ke Jianming private prosecution Ma Ying-jeou suspected of incitement to divulge, defamation case, Taipei District Court on March 28 this year, the first instance verdict Ma Ying nine innocent. The news came out, the Kuomintang responded that the justice can still Ma Ying-jeou is pleased. However, Ke Jianming still clamored to “appeal in the end.”

In addition, it is understood that August 31, 2013, Taiwan’s former “Attorney General” Huang Shiming for supervision of special investigation team handling cases, monitoring the DPP “legislator” Ke Jianming phone, accidentally found Ke Jianming invited the former Taiwan legislature Wang Jinping said the case of justice, Huang Shiming immediately reported to the case of Ma Ying-jeou. Taipei District Procuratorate found that Ma Ying-jeou in order to political arrangements, the investigation will be leaked to the current administrative office of the head of Taiwan Jiang Yihua, Ma Zhijie Deputy Secretary-General Luo Zhiqiang, September 4 Huang Shiming Jiang Yihua leak. Therefore, the North according to criminal law disclosure, abetting leaks, violation of the Communications Protection Supervision Act, personal data protection law and other crimes against Ma Ying-jeou, the statutory sentence of the heaviest sentence of 3 years. It is reported that Huang Shiming in 2015 has been Taiwan “High Court” sentenced to death by 1 year and 3 months, easy to fine fined 450,000 (NT, the same below) conviction, Ma Ying-jeou in the dismissal after the removal of criminal immunity. North inspection in December last year to start the investigation, about Ma Ying-jeou, Luo Zhiqiang, Jiang Yihua and others, and on March 14 this year, prosecuted Ma Ying-jeou. The case was heard by the North Court judge Tang Yue for five months, five times in court and ended the debate on 7 July.

Scholars: 2049 China can be confident that the developed countries

                    (Original title: scholar: 2049, China can be confident that the developed countries)

                                   According to the view that China’s per capita GDP in 2020 will be more than 12,000 US dollars, reaching the level of developed countries, then when China can get rid of the status of developing countries, and truly become developed countries?…. On October 10, experts and scholars put forward a specific measure of whether China was a developed country, that is, 70% of the urbanization rate, in the “Symposium on the Future of China’s Story to China”. The expert also gave an important time to achieve this goal: 2049 years. Professor Yang Guangbin, Dean of the School of International Relations, Renmin University of China, said that according to economists, China should become a developed country around 2030, because at that time the Chinese economy may exceed the United States and become the first in the world. But even so, China has more than 1.3 billion people, from the perspective of national governance, the internal structure is still facing a large imbalance, unequal challenges. So, can not just look at the total. Even if China’s economy is the first, it is impossible to have a neatly divided middle class to form a new society like a single demographic state. Therefore, Yang Guangbin that China has become the process of developed countries may be very long. Our real goal is not 2030, nor the first 100 years, but should be the second 100 years in 2049. At that time, we can confidently say that China is not a developing country but a developed country.

Specifically, how should we measure whether China is a developed country? Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Political Affairs, said Fang Ning, single from the per capita GDP and per capita national income to judge the conditions under the Chinese have a lot of limitations. Thus, he presents another measure of urbanization rate. Only when China reached 70% of the urbanization rate and stability, and these urban population are entitled to the same national treatment, then China was basically successful. The study found that when the national urbanization rate of more than 65%, or even more than 70%, there will be a social transformation of the problem. He believes that China now has a large number of migrant workers in the city is the workers, back to the countryside is the farmers, also workers and farmers. If the country can steadily advance to the urbanization rate of more than 70%, that is, 70% of the Chinese people can stabilize in the city, and enjoy the same national treatment, the most difficult Chinese society has passed. Even if there are other problems later, it will not be a crash or disastrous.

vigilance against the development of

Even if China has become a developed country, but also be alert to new development issues. Yang Guangbin said that the development is not all the way forward, but also vigilance against the development, which is a big problem. For example, this century, South America twenty or thirty years ago, several countries, the income is higher than the Belgian at that time, but now it is, and this is a reverse development. Even if our urbanization rate to 70% later, or to have a good order, the need for authority, democracy, the legal system to ensure the development of the results.

Nineteen reports will provide 12 kinds of text version than the eight new four

                    (Original title: nineteenth report will provide 12 kinds of text version than the eight new four)

                                   Beijing, 11 Oct (Xinhua) – The Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) was held at the 19th National Congress of the Metropolitan Hotel in Beijing. According to the press center, will be presented to the participants of the press, the United States, Britain, France, West, Japan, Russia, Germany, Argentina, Portugal, Vietnam, the total of 12 kinds of text of the 19 report. The report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), including the Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and German versions, Added

In addition, the Nineteenth Press Center website and WeChat public number has also been opened today.

Hubei 8 A-class tourist attractions were delisted, including three 4A-level scenic spots

                    (Original title: Hubei released A-level scenic spots red and black spots 8 delicacies (Figure))

                                   10, the provincial tourism committee announced the province A-class tourist attractions “red and black list”, 15 scenic spots topped the red list; 16 scenic spots into the black list, the province of tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, Respectively, be canceled level, warning and deadline for rectification or notification criticism and rectification within a time limit. Provincial Tourism Commission, said the province will be released once a year A-level scenic red and black list, through dynamic supervision, breaking the A-level scenic spots, “life-long system”, polished A-level scenic signs.

4.jpg Jingzhou Honghu Lantian eco tourism scenic

16 “black list” area there are more problems in the services, environmental health, tourism toilets, service quality, management, tourism and security. 8, A-level scenic spots were delisted, including Ezhou Liangzi Island eco-tourism resort, Jingzhou Honghu Lantian ecological tourism scenic spot, Yangxian Xian Island Lake Scenic Area and other three 4A-level scenic spots and Qiaokou National Museum of Industry, Jingmen Xianju Scenic Area, Hong’an General Culture Film and Television City, Macheng Xinghua Village Scenic Area, Luotian Saints Hall Scenic Area and other five 3A-class tourist attractions.

Ezhou Liangzi Island eco-tourism resort due to cruise ship crew and crew safety awareness of indifference, “black boat” “black boat” private pull tourists, lack of safety tips in the area, there are security risks, scenic staff awareness of customer service weak , There are trailing peddlers, bullying off the phenomenon and other issues were delisted.


Jingzhou Honghu Lantian eco tourism scenic presence Jingzhou Honghu Lantian Ecological Tourism Scenic Area Visitor Center insufficiency, cruise ships passing through the area sanitation dirty, toilet revolution effectiveness is poor, less daily boat trips, and more complaints from tourists, crew , Staff safety awareness indifferent, water trails and barriers exist security risks, staff service awareness, service attitude, poor service and other issues.

Yang Xinxian Lake Scenic Area there is a private soliciting phenomenon, the ship casually quoted misleading consumption, cruise and terminal safety facilities are not complete, scenic tourism toilet revolution effect is poor, Park Park management confusion, scenic emergency rescue, medical emergency disposal plan is not Perfect and other issues.

According to reports, the three scenic spots after receiving the rectification notice is still ineffective rectification, was delisted.

Chibi Lushui Lake Scenic Area, Enshi Longshen Palace Scenic Area, Xiangyang Gucheng County Xieshan tourist attractions, Chongyang County Osmanthus Forest Park, Chibi China Water Margin City, Chibi Hin Soong Cave Scenic Area and other six scenic areas were given warning and deadline for rectification Of the treatment.

Yang Xinxian Lake Scenic Area

Wuhan Changchun view, Zaoyang City Xionghe Scenic Area and other two scenic spots were informed criticism and require deadline for rectification.

C919 can call the Internet? The initial design has been considered technically achievable

                    (Original title: C919 can call the Internet: the initial design has been considered, technically fully achievable)

                                   July 18, at the China Civil Aviation Authority’s regular press conference, China Civil Aviation Authority flight standards, said Zhu Tao, deputy director of the Ministry of Transportation recently passed the “large aircraft public transport operators to run the certification (CCAR-121), which will be implemented in October 2017. This revision relaxed the management requirements for portable portable electronic devices (PEDs), allowing airlines to assess the impact of portable electronic devices on the subject and develop appropriate management and usage policies.

Why should we limit the use of PED on the plane

According to the fourth revision of the “large aircraft public air transport carrier operating compliance validation rules” in April 2016, from the aircraft for the flight began to close the door from time to time At the end of the flight, the occupants of the aircraft shall not open and use portable electronic equipment, and the certificate holder shall not permit the opening and use of portable electronic equipment that initiates the transmission of radio signals unrelated to the normal flight of the aircraft. A portable electronic device that is disabled and restricted on an airplane includes a mobile phone, a walkie-talkie, a remote control toy and an electronic device with a remote control device, and other radio transmitting devices that the office or the certificate holder has identified to interfere with the safe operation of the aircraft.

The use of PED on the aircraft is limited because PED may cause electromagnetic interference to the airborne equipment, causing the performance of the airborne equipment to decline or loss of function, affecting aircraft flight safety.

Electromagnetic compatibility design has a high security margin

Sometimes passengers will secretly use the PED, why not “cause airborne equipment performance degradation or loss of function”? This is because the aircraft’s “electromagnetic compatibility” design has a high margin of safety.

With the increasingly dense application of electrical and electronic equipment, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) caused by the industrial manufacturing equipment manufacturers of widespread concern, civil aircraft electromagnetic compatibility design verification is a strict airworthiness requirements. Electromagnetic compatibility design work is based on an important phenomenon: electrical and electronic equipment in normal work, both on the external space to launch electromagnetic energy, but also easy to be external electromagnetic energy interference.

Modern Civil Aviation As a sophisticated system for highly integrated electronic equipment, the normal work of any critical equipment is affected and the consequences will be disastrous. For example, if the aircraft is to fly in accordance with a pre-planned route to ensure airspace and absolute safety, it is necessary to keep in touch with the ground tower in flight, depending on the precise positioning of the navigation system and the communication system can quickly and clearly communicate and receive information.

If the electromagnetic compatibility work is not in place, while the work of other equipment emitted by the electromagnetic energy through the superposition of the general equipment may exceed the upper limit of tolerance, through cable transmission or space coupling and other mechanisms into the communication, navigation and other systems, System performance, while the damage to the circuit, the system completely ineffective.

Electromagnetic interference as a kind of energy that can be transmitted from the source of the transmission through the coupling path to the affected equipment. The three are the three elements of electromagnetic compatibility. Civil machine designers through the “three elements” to carry out electromagnetic compatibility work. For example, in the early stages of design, by optimizing the design of the “source” to reduce unintentional leakage of electromagnetic energy; in the system installation and integration phase, by increasing the isolation distance between sensitive devices, “cut off” the coupling path; in the system verification phase , If found in the electromagnetic compatibility problem, and then targeted to increase the shielding equipment for the problem.

Limit the use of PED on the aircraft, is to reduce the “launch source” to reduce the external electronic equipment on the airborne equipment, electromagnetic interference, especially in the flight landing stage, aircraft and tower communication frequently, in order not to affect the navigation and other airborne equipment The normal use, should be used as little as possible PED.

PED can be used on C919

At present the latest civil airliner, aircraft designers have provided sufficient safety margin for electromagnetic interference emitted by electronic equipment. C919 aircraft is no exception.

Liu Jieyi, deputy director of the new Taiwan Affairs Office of the former Chinese representative to the United Nations

                    (The original title: Liu knot as the Central Taiwan Affairs Office, deputy director of the Taiwan Affairs Office (positive ministerial level))

                                   According to the State Council official website update shows, Liu Jie as the CPC Central Committee Taiwan Affairs Office, deputy director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council (positive ministerial level). According to the China Economic Net figures library data, Liu knot one, male, born in December 1957, previously served as the Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.

刘结一履新中共中央台办、国台办副主任 Liu knot one. Data, Figure

Liu Jie a resume

Liu knot one, male, the Han nationality, born in December 1957, Beijing people, in January 1977 to participate in the work, in February 1987 to join the party, graduate degree.

1977.01-1978.01 UNOG translator, Chaoyang District, Beijing Foreign Studies University

1978.01-1981.06 teacher training college teacher (now Beijing Foreign Studies University) student, teacher


1987.03-1994.05 Department of State Division of three international secretary, deputy director, director

1994.05-1995.08 Department of State, Department of international Counselor

1995.08-1998.08 Counselor, Permanent Mission Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs international

1998.08-2001.07 Deputy Director

2001.07-2005.03 Department of State Army Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2006.01-2007.12 Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Grand Secretary

2007.12-2009.05 Assistant Foreign Minister

2009.05-2013.08 Vice Minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, vice president of the Chinese Red Cross

2013.08-2017 Permanent Representative of China to the UN, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

Lin Zhengyue: Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to create a Hong Kong Bay Center Hong Kong new opportunities

                    (Original title: Lin Zhengyue E: Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to create a Hong Kong Bay Center Hong Kong new development opportunities)


Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, 9 Oct (Xinhua) – Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, pointed out that the Hong Kong, Macau and Macao Bay Area will create an international innovation and technology center. The HKUST will also be the priority of the current government. Hong Kong will welcome new developments opportunity.

Mrs Lam will publish his first policy address on the 11th. “I hope that my first policy address will cover not only the initiatives of the next year but also the initiative of the Asia Leaders’ Roundtable,” he said at the China Daily’s “China-Japan-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area Response” initiative: Opportunities and Challenges Own some of the future vision of Hong Kong. The policy address will highlight the opportunity to bring “one way along the way” and Tai Wan District to Hong Kong.

She pointed out that Chuang Ke will be the priority of this government’s future work. Hong Kong has a lot of potential in this field, such as R u0026 D, talent and capital, and intellectual property protection.

In her view, it is important to have a synergistic effect between the “one way” and the Big Bay area, rather than being treated separately, and the interaction between them will be very important to the future of building Hong Kong. Dawan District will create an international creation center, which is also conducive to “one way” construction. Hong Kong is an international financial center and the world’s largest renminbi offshore center, or an international asset management center, which has a great advantage in providing the role of “super-contact” and will continue to play a role in Hong Kong. Professional services, such as risk assessment and management, can help Mainland companies “go out”.

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