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The United States on a motorway on the highway after the bear flank turned 3 people 1 bear death

                    (The original title: the United States a car highway hit the bear after the side turned 3 people 1 bear death)


44DFAFDE00000578-4935348-image-a-1_1506730534625.jpg United States a motor vehicle crash hit the bear after the side turn to 3 dead 4 seriously injured

15 years old girl Hernandez

The UAE also builds the Mars base to be the largest in the world

                    (The original title: the United Arab Emirates also build a simulation base of Mars)


China’s first Mars simulation base will be located in Qinghai Province Haixi Da Chaidan red cliff area, the Middle East countries the United Arab Emirates also to build a simulated Mars living conditions of the “Mars City”, allegedly the largest in the world. “Mars City” will be built in the desert near Dubai, covering an area of ​​about 1.76 million square meters, the cost is expected to 136 million US dollars (about 900 million yuan).. ?? .. There are a number of labs in the “Mars City” where scientists will study the life of Mars, such as how to ensure the self-sufficiency of energy, food and water, and how to grow agriculture in alien environments.

According to the design, these laboratories can adapt to the bad weather of Mars, but also against large-scale radiation and high temperature.

Philippine President sweep the prison to prison for over 150,000 prisoners will be hungry

                    (Original title: Philippine President sweep the prison to prison for over 150,000 prisoners will be hungry)


菲总统扫毒致监狱人满为患 15万囚犯将饿肚子 Filipino prisoners (picture from the network) food within the electrical network of overseas prisons

October 1 itself is punishment, but now I am afraid that even this punishment “enjoy” unlikely. As the number of drug-related prisoners has risen, the Philippine Prison Bureau (BJMP) has reached 150,000 people in more than 400 prisons nationwide. In the last quarter of this year, these prisoners will suffer from eating. According to the Philippine World News reported that the Philippine temporary senator on Friday (29) issued a warning that the prison budget is expected to be depleted in mid-October. Le Dao pointed out that the budget of the Prison Bureau this year is 2.23 billion pesos (about 300 million yuan), but the amount is based on the number of 106,000 prisoners. However, until June 30 this year, the prisoner population has more than 14 million people, each prisoner a day food costs only 60 pesos (about less than 8 yuan).

Russia, then a large number of bombs threaten the phone 100 city total evacuation of 54 million people

                    (The original title: then a large number of bombs threaten the phone Russia hundreds of cities accumulated evacuation of 54 million people)

                                   According to Russian media reports, the Russian emergency department sources said, received a large number of bombs since the threat of telephone, has evacuated more than 54 million people.

According to previous news, the Russian emergency situation will be a threat to the tide of the bomb as a top priority.

It is reported that only September 30 over the past day and night were received to claim to blow up 109 buildings anonymous threat telephone, six cities have been nearly 60,000 people were evacuated.

sources said: “September 11 began to receive a large number of threat calls since Russia has more than 100 cities in more than 54 million people have been evacuated.”

September 11, Russia set off a telephone Terrorism wave, Has not yet dispersed. According to sources, more than 100 cities in Russia have evacuated more than half a million people during this period. More than 1,200 buildings were allegedly “bombed”, but in fact did not explode together.

How does the United States reduce the US-Cuban relations in the Cuban embassy?

                    (The original title: the United States to reduce the Cuban embassy personnel in the United States and ancient relations where to go from here?)

                                   US September 9 announced that the US embassy in Cuba, the size of the staff reduced by more than half, on the grounds that more than the embassy staff recently suffered a “mysterious attack” and abnormal symptoms………… Cuba subsequently responded that the US side would “affect the relations between the two countries.”

Right now not to find out what is the so-called attack. The outside world generally concerned that the normalization of the relationship between the United States and the United States will fall into a stagnation or even retrogression. US Secretary of State Rex Tillesen announced on the 29th, the past few months, 21 US Embassy staff in Cuba suffered unknown nature attacks, hearing loss, dizziness, darling, darling, darling, darling, darling, darling, darling, darling, darling, darling, darling, darling, darling, darling, darling , Headache, fatigue, sleep difficulties and other symptoms. “Before the Cuban government was able to secure the safety of US diplomats, the US embassy in Cuba would retain only the employees who handled the emergency, thereby reducing the number of diplomats exposed to the risk,” Tillerson said in a statement. According to Reuters, the US embassy in Cuba, the size of the reduction of more than half of the indefinite suspension of Cuban citizens to the US visa business, and only to the Cuban citizens to provide emergency services.

After learning of this news, the Cuban capital Havana’s merchant Diana Rodriguez is worried. She said that she had made an appointment to apply for a visa to the United States in October, in order to visit relatives living in the United States, Florida, this plan wasted, “This is the ordinary people of Cuba, is tantamount to a heavy blow.”

In addition, the US State Department issued a travel warning on the 29th that prompted US citizens to avoid traveling to Cuba. “We are still unable to identify the source of the attack because of the security of the US (embassy) staff, and we think that US citizens may also be at risk to remind them not to go to Cuba.”

However, some US government officials have stressed that, The United States remains diplomatic relations with Cuba. A spokesman for the Canadian Foreign Minister, Kristia Fryland, said on Tuesday that some of Canada’s diplomats in Cuba are also suffering from hearing loss, but Canada does not currently have the intention of withdrawing the staff of the embassy in Cuba and has not issued any travel caveat. July 7, the United States Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba responded that the Cuban side that the US withdrawal of the embassy staff decision “too hasty”, is expected to see the United States, the United States, Will “affect the relationship between the two countries.”

Bidar said that Cuba will cooperate with the United States to identify the truth of the incident. Previously, Cuba had denied involvement in the implementation of any attack and said it was investigating the matter.

According to the US State Department, the unknown nature of attacks against US diplomats occurred in hotels where their homes and American personnel were frequent, and there were no US tourists. The FBI has begun to investigate and has not yet identified the source or cause of symptoms such as hearing impairment.

US media had cited the words of US officials reported that the United States that the ancient diplomats were “sonic attack.” A senior US State Department official said the US and Cuban authorities did not find the source of the so-called attack, but the US side that “the Cuban government has the responsibility to take appropriate measures to prevent attacks against US diplomats in Cuba.”

US cut diplomats in Cuba, so many observers worry that the normalization of US-ancient relations may encounter stagnation or even regression.

The US government wants to relax the restrictions on the sale of allies experts: the world is more dangerous

                    (The original title: the US government to relax the restrictions on the sale of allies experts: the world more dangerous)

                                   According to the Singapore “Lianhe Zaobao” reported that in view of the international security situation warming, the US Trump government to relax the restrictions on the sale of arms to allies, which with former President Barack Obama to limit the practice of arms exports Very different.

The latest data show that since Trump came to power, the United States over the past eight months of arms sales compared with last year increased by nearly doubled. According to the US news site Politico reported that the latest data show that since Trump came to power in January this year, the United States over the past eight months, arms exports amounted to 48 billion US dollars.

美政府欲放宽对盟友售武限制 专家:世界更危险

Data Figure: US President Trump visits France. China News Agency reporter Long Jianwu photo

63-year-old Iraqi sharpshooter killed the battlefield said he had killed 320 IS members

                    (Original title: 63-year-old Iraqi sharpshooter killed the battlefield that had killed 320 IS members)

                                   According to “Central News Agency” reported that the battlefield is known as the “sniper leader” 63-year-old veteran soldiers Abu Tasin (Abu Tahsin)
al-Salhi), accused of being killed on September 29 in the battle with the Iraqi militia group and the Islamic State (IS). Abu Tassin since 1973, has participated in many large and small military conflict, allegedly shot at least 320 IS militants.

伊拉克民众在资深战士阿布塔辛葬礼上手举其照片。 Iraqi people in the veteran warriors Abu Tashin funeral to hold their photos.

Foreign media: the Russian Foreign Ministry said North Korea to support Sino-Russian mediation of the peninsula situation program

                    (Original title: foreign media: Russia said North Korea to support the Sino-Russian mediation situation in the peninsula)

                                   On September 15th, at the United Nations headquarters in New York, Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nyanking, was interviewed by the media on

外媒:俄方称朝鲜支持中俄调解半岛局势方案  _《参考消息》官方网站. The UN Security Council on September 15 issued a media statement, severely condemned the DPRK once again test-fired ballistic missiles, pointing out that this is a “serious provocation” to the international community. According to sources from the Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow commented that the talks with North Korean Foreign Ministry officials Cui Shanxi on the issue of the Korean Peninsula, rich in content………. According to the Interfax news agency reported on September 29, the source said: “The meeting is rich in content, in a frank and trust atmosphere held.”

According to reports, the Russian and DPRK representatives on the situation of the Korean Peninsula Of the consultations lasted more than four hours.

It is reported that Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Moore Gluov also attended the talks.

reported that the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs without ambassador Oleg Bilmistrov invited, Cui Shanxi led the DPRK delegation arrived in Russia at the end of the month.

Russian Foreign Ministry sources said that Bourmi Stroff had met with Cui Shanxi at the end of July when he visited Pyongyang and introduced the Russian mediation program. The plan is part of Russia’s “road map” to solve the Korean Peninsula issue, and the DPRK is interested in the plan.

reported that this time, Russia and the United States on the DPRK nuclear issue also held a number of rounds of consultations. The consultations were held in July and September in Washington and Moscow respectively. Moscow is willing to work with Pyongyang to mediate the situation on the Korean Peninsula through political and diplomatic means, according to the TASS news agency reported on Sept. 29. Russian Foreign Ministry on September 29 at the end of the DPRK Foreign Ministry’s senior officials Cui Shanxi after the talks made the above statement. Cui Shanxi and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mo Gullov and no ambassador to Bilmistrov held talks. “Russia reiterates its willingness to work together to seek ways to resolve existing problems in the region through peaceful political diplomacy, including the simultaneous promotion of Russia-China mediation of the road map of the Korean Peninsula.”

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: , The Russian-DPRK diplomat talks on September 29 in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a guest house, lasted about 4 hours.

China and Russia on the elimination of the Korean Peninsula tensions on the “road map” made a “double suspension”: North Korea suspended nuclear activities, the United States and South Korea suspended in the region held a joint military exercise. According to the Russian “businessman newspaper” website reported on September 29, the Russian Foreign Ministry ambassadors Bilmistrov and the DPRK Foreign Ministry officials Cui Shanxi held talks in Moscow agreed to support the Sino-Russian peace mediation of the Korean Peninsula The situation of the program. Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the joint efforts to seek peace, political and diplomatic means to reconcile the Korean Peninsula, the situation will be confirmed. According to the Korean media reported on September 30, North Korea has been in a bilateral dialogue with Russia, urging the United States to stop the hostile policy towards the DPRK. According to North Korea, North Korea’s foreign ministry official Cui Shanxi and Russia without any ambassador Bilmistrov on September 29 in Moscow, a bilateral dialogue. Bilmistrov is also the deputy nuclear representative of Russia. “The two sides exchanged in-depth views on issues of common concern, such as the situation on the Korean Peninsula and bilateral relations,” the report said: “Cui Shanxi stressed that in order to ease the Korean Peninsula and Northeast China, the two sides exchanged views on the issue of common concern in the dialogue and the meeting,” the DPRK and the North- The United States needs to stop hostile policy against the DPRK. “

Russia is widely regarded as friendly to the DPRK, but recently Russia voted to support the United Nations through the resolution, condemning North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile provocation. According to the United States, “New York Times” website reported on September 30, North Korea on September 29, said the US-led international sanctions to the impoverished country caused the loss “very serious”, but then said that Washington believes that sanctions will stop The idea of ​​the DPRK nuclear weapons program is stupid.

The North Korean official recently set up a committee to investigate the damage caused by the sanctions to the Korean economy and the well-being of the people. Analysts say the committee’s job is to draw the sympathy of the international community by emphasizing the pain of North Korean children, women and the elderly.

US Secretary of State: Will not admit that North Korea has no intention to overthrow Kim Jungen regime

                    (Original title: US Secretary of State in China said: the United States and the DPRK have multiple communication channels)

                                   On September 30, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with US Secretary of State Tillerson in Beijing. US Secretary of State Colinel Tilleson said on Wednesday that the United States has opened up channels of communication to North Korea and is now investigating whether the regime is ready to abandon its nuclear weapons program. To negotiate. “We are investigating, so please look forward to it,” he said, “we have a channel to communicate with North Korea.” Our situation is not dark, “he said in a press conference in Beijing on September 30, We have opened two or three channels of communication to North Korea. “

reported that when asked whether there are other countries in the act as a middleman, Tillerson replied:” We have our own channels. “

According to the United US Secretary of State Colin Tillerson on September 30 called on the Korean peninsula to calm down the situation, but he said North Korea should stop firing missiles.

Credit card or sweep? Chinese Golden Week is becoming a global shopping festival

                    (Original title: Chinese Golden Week is becoming a global shopping festival)

                                   11 Golden Week, the Chinese tourist season, now has become a busy season for the global business. Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter found that, in order to attract people to spend, hundreds of thousands of overseas businesses specifically launched the “mobile payment price”, Chinese tourists through payment and other mobile payment, you can enjoy this exclusive price. At the same time, the major domestic banks and even UnionPay, also provides a great amount of preferential “credit card cash back” activities.

In the national departure free exercise season, foreign businessmen are also “riveting” ready to meet the guests. “Eleven is not only the Chinese people’s festivals, but also our festivals.” Thai local media reports, some of the country’s duty-free shops have to prepare for the Chinese tourists. “We have introduced the most familiar way for Chinese tourists to pay, such as Alipay, give them better than others, but also with Chinese services.” Thai businessmen. On the eve of the National Day, the two largest hotel groups in Europe focused on opening UnionPay cards, including 200 stores in Luff Group and 110 stores in Accor Group; European Europcar rentals will receive CUP credit cards, which cover 10 in Europe Country; Moscow, St. Petersburg subway station the vast majority of ticket machines and ticket offices, can use the Union card purchase.

Reporter recently learned that there are more than 21 million businesses outside the Chinese tourists to support the use of the UnionPay card, there are 1.5 million ATM can use CUP card withdrawals. Alipay has also access hundreds of thousands of overseas business shops under the line. While the WeChat has been landed in 12 countries and regions, supporting 11 currency direct settlement.

to buy things cheaper than the locals

“In the past, shopping, always hope that the locals lead the way, afraid of their own tourists are slaughtered.” In turn, we buy things but cheaper than the local people. Returned to the money Ms. told reporters in Japan, the famous department store Don Quixote, buy daily necessities with Alipay sweep money to pay, can enjoy 15% off, save 50 yuan, “my Japanese friends are very envious, because they did not this Concessions, but asked me if I can give them purchasing. “

like Don Quixote, eleven for the Chinese tourists to launch Alipay exclusive preferential prices of businesses, the world is expected to be more than hundreds of thousands, covering Asia, Europe and the United States and other regions ; Which, Japan and South Korea, the new Matai and other places, people most often go to the business, is expected to more than 70% can enjoy the exclusive price.

As Alipay’s competitors, WeChat in the field of overseas expansion is also accelerating. Last year, WeChat payment has entered New Zealand, and now in New Zealand several major airport duty-free shop WeChat payment has been fully covered, with the domestic WeChat payment exactly the same.

CUP International announced the launch of the “National Day Outbound Experience Month”: before mid-October, outside the 33 popular tourist destinations 200 well-known businesses, providing as low as 6% discount CUP card offer, including the French Loire Valley castle, American Museum of Modern Art, Sydney Wildlife Park. Visitors can also be in the “CUP International” APP download “excellent program” coupons, in 12 countries and regions outside the 3600 stores, to reduce the way to enjoy the same period in the shop the best discount.

Tax refund can be done on the phone

Mr. Chen operates a travel agency in Wuhan, with visitors traveling overseas several times each year. “In recent years, people to overseas travel experience is very deep, even the tax refund is more convenient than before.” Mr. Chen said.

According to reports, in Europe, the general tax rebate can get back 12% -19% of the purchase price, which is equivalent to playing more than 8 fold. But the procedure is too much trouble, and some consumers are reluctant to apply for a tax rebate. According to statistics, China is to go to Europe tourists, a year did not receive the tax rebate up to nearly 1 billion yuan.

And now, Alipay and WeChat has been achieved in the mobile side to complete the tax rebate. Like the blue-haired rebar counter at Milan Malpensa Airport, the Berlin Tagore Airport, the Roman Fiumicino Airport, the Munich Airport and the Helsinki Vantaa Airport, and the tax will be paid in Renminbi Account. In addition, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and other European countries and regions will soon open such a tax rebate service.

micro letter there is a “tax rebate” public number, through this account, you can achieve online tax rebates to support this function of more than 30 countries, including South Korea and Europe, the main tourist countries.

UnionPay credit card is also increasingly convenient. In Australia, UnionPay credit card holders can apply for tax refunds through their official tax refund APP – TRS and shorten the tax refund time through shortcuts.

a number of banks outside the credit card returns

In addition to Alipay and WeChat two major areas of payment “upstart”, banks have also launched credit card overseas consumer shopping activities.

Industrial and Commercial Bank launched the “love to buy the third quarter of the world” activities, before October 31, held by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China issued all the personal credit card holders can participate in overseas consumption of 1,000 yuan or more to 12% The highest monthly return of 120 yuan), a single full of 300 yuan per 6 pen and then enjoy a random return of 9%.

At the same time, holders of Bank of China UnionPay, Visa, MasterCard personal credit card, in the offline business entities under the unlimited business hours, unlimited areas through the card organization network credit card spending, a single full of 5,000 yuan or 750 US dollars, you can get the transaction The amount of 10% of the return award. Agricultural Bank of China, October 31, Visa Platinum card in the United States Bloomingdale’s8 stores will receive 85% discount coupons, spending $ 250 will receive a gift.

Bankers suggested that visitors before traveling, must first understand the bank credit card information used in order to make concessions in the end. In addition, outbound travel is best to carry full currency credit card, so that the amount of overdrafts will be converted directly to the local currency amount of RMB, you can save the intermediate links and considerable currency conversion fees.

The new card does not affect the shopping

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