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Malaysia 2 Navy soldiers died in confinement room official: murder

                    (Original title: the Malaysian Navy 2 soldiers in the confinement room death official sentenced to murder)


马来西亚2名海军士兵在禁闭室死亡 官方判为谋杀 Royal Malaysian Navy. (29), two Malaysian royal navy officers died in the confinement room of Sitiawan, the official confirmed that this is a murder case…. According to the Singapore Straits Times, two death soldiers were Nik Muhammad Baihaqy Nik Mat (28 years old) and Tuyi Mann, the chief executive of the Perak Criminal Investigation Bureau in Malaysia, said in a statement on the evening of 30, (Muhammad Lailal Tuiman Mohd Sukri, 26), found an autopsy at a local hospital and found traces of abuse and injury.

According to reports, Nick died of external blunt caused by pulmonary hemorrhage, Tu Yiman died of pulmonary hemorrhage and blunt caused by soft tissue trauma. The official has reaffirmed the case as a murder.

Polls: 25 people in the United States a year of goodwill fell 24%

                    (The original title: Survey: the United States is gradually losing the positive image on the international stage)

                                   According to a survey conducted by Ipsos on the 25 countries, other countries have significantly reduced their appetite for the United States over the past year. The World Economic Forum forwarded the results on Twitter on September 28th. The US ranking on the general list has dropped from No. 7 in the year to No. 15, with only 40% of respondents saying the US has a positive impact on “today’s global affairs.” Which fell a whole 24 percentage points over a year ago.

The World Economic Forum’s “Tweets” and Ipsos’s investigation reports have not explored the reasons for the decline in the ranking of the United States, but since November last year, President Trump has won the “Tweets” released by the World Economic Forum

The political chaos that has taken place since the election has been almost identical to the findings.

Pew Research Center released a survey in June this year, during the period since Trump took office, people’s confidence in the US president from 64% to 22%. Other countries on the United States overall sense of goodness from 64% to 49%, the US anti-degree from 26% to 39%.

25国民调:其他国家对美国好感度一年间下降24% Ipsos Findings

The mystery of the origin of the ridge-like iceberg: the iceberg is mainly composed of methane ice

                    (Original title: Scientists opened the Pluto Spine-like iceberg origin of the mystery: the iceberg is mainly composed of methane ice)


NASA’s “New Vision” detector The images that were released in 2015 show that Pluto has some glacier-like icebergs on its surface, but its origins have been a mystery. The latest study by American scientists has found that the formation of this giant iceberg is related to the complex climate and geological history of Pluto.

US National Space Agency (NASA) published Pluto photo, the screen can be seen, Pluto surface exists ice sheet, iceberg and other complex landscape.

In July 2015, the “new field of view” detector flew Pluto at close range and returned the observation data. People in the Pluto near the equator at the highest altitude found some ridge of the iceberg, the height of uneven, and some can be up to about 100 meters.

Han media: Han Jun Fang invited Reagan aircraft carrier to participate in the United States and South Korea maritime exercises

                    (Original title: Korean media: Han Jun Fang want to invite Reagan aircraft carrier to participate in the United States and South Korea maritime exercises)

                                   South Korea and the United States are coordinating the “Reagan” aircraft carrier strike group in mid-October in the eastern part of the Korean Peninsula sea joint exercise on the agenda.

According to reports, “Reagan” aircraft carrier strike group by the “Reagan” aircraft carrier, Aegis ship, missile cruiser, equipped with nuclear missiles, the Ohio-class strategic nuclear submarines and supply ships and other components. The aircraft carrier strike group will be with the South Korean Navy to detect, track, block the North Korean ballistic missile high-intensity exercises. Among them, the interception will be simulated training methods, and for the Korean submarine-launched ballistic missile anti-submarine exercises will be carried out under actual conditions, while the implementation of maritime maneuvers and live ammunition drills.


China and Russia to develop a solution to the peninsula problem “road map”

Japan’s House of Representatives elections on the 22nd vote the Liberal Democratic Party support rate fell to 3 percent

                    (The original title: [Japanese House of Representatives election 22 this month to vote] Abe led the Liberal Democratic Party support rate fell to three or will be bitter fight)


After the dissolution of the Japanese House of Representatives, the House of Representatives decided to vote on October 22, in fact, has been opened. Yesterday, the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party held a national secretary-general meeting at the party headquarters, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe instructed local organizations to step up preparations. Relevant data show that the Liberal Democratic Party led by Abe has fallen to three percent.

LDP support rate of 34 percent last week, down 10%

日本众议院选举22日投票 自民党支持率跌至3成

day Abe indication that the House of Representatives election battle will be short-term, local organizations should step up preparations. He called, the election will be more difficult, but must resolutely fight in the end. In the Liberal Democratic Party’s National Committee of Ministers, the Chief Executive Officer of the Liberal Democratic Party, Mrs. Yoshihito, introduced six core marketing campaign frameworks, including the DPRK issue, Abe’s economy, and the revision of the constitution, which will be announced on October 2.

According to reports, by the Prime Minister Abe led the Liberal Democratic Party of the support rate has fallen to about 34%, down about 10% last week, and with the help of Tokyo Governor Kobayashi popular new party “party of hope” , The support rate of 19%, slightly higher than before, there are about a quarter of the voters have not yet decided to vote on the 22nd next month’s vote.

underestimating the strength of the Liberal Democratic Party fear will usher in a bitter struggle

日本众议院选举22日投票 自民党支持率跌至3成

order to better check the Liberal Democratic Party, Japan has decided to amalgamate the DPP, “party of hope”, at present, the two parties began to accelerate the adjustment of the House of Representatives election candidates. The DPP has tried to import all its members into the new party. But on May 29, Koike Yukichi said it was necessary for new members to agree with the “party of hope” on basic issues such as security and constitutionalism. She will be on this basis to narrow the scope of selection, will not take care of the whole, will be excluded. Analysts pointed out that the formation of the small pool of “hope party”, Abe that its fledgling, it is difficult to challenge the status of the Liberal Democratic Party…. However, Abe apparently underestimated the pace of its expansion, hope that the party’s move much higher than Abe and the Liberal Democratic Party’s expectations, the Liberal Democratic Party will usher in a bitter struggle.

DPP: as soon as possible to determine the direction of the proposed candidate

日本众议院选举22日投票 自民党支持率跌至3成

Canadian men driving a police car with a knife attack on the police found IS flag

                    (Original title: Canadian men driving a police car with a knife attack on the police found IS flag)

                                   July 1 (late September 30), a man in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, a man drove into the police car, and then get off the knife to attack the police and passers-by…. ?? ..

加拿大男子驾车撞警车持刀袭警 车上发现IS旗帜

Mumbai refused to steal the event because of stampede high iron India officials: not for civilian use

                    (Original title: Mumbai refused to build a high stamp due to stampede officials: not for civilian use)


Mumbai station on the 29th stampede event. (India media map)

overseas network October 1, Japan 7/89456_12_65473_9 India Mumbai station has stampede events, exposing the fragility of local infrastructure. Thus, the leader of the Marshalla Revival Party (MNS), who has a strong political influence in Mumbai, publicly stated to the Moody’s camp that he would not allow Mumbai an inch of land to build high-speed rail.

infrastructure are not, allowed to build high-speed rail

According to “India Today” reported, local time on September 30, MNS leader Sake Li (Raj Thackeray) unceremoniously on a news conference Attacked the Indian People’s Party where Moody’s was located and condemned the Indian Minister of Railways Piyush Goyal for the stampede events that took place in Mumbai. He said, “Goyal is useless.Only high-speed rail project, the replacement of the Pula (Suresh Prabhu) better.”

local time on Friday (29) Mumbai took place stampede, “If you lack infrastructure, I will not be allowed to build high-speed rails here, and if Modi wants to build, he can build it in Gujarat, and if they are forced, we will be there,” he said. “I will give them an ultimatum to them, and if they do not clear the site, we will drive them out in our way.”

Sakry also warns small traders in the Mumbai train station. As for the fragile infrastructure of Mumbai, Sarkley attributed it to the “outsiders” in the city’s , saying they had led to an alarming population explosion. He said, “If these outsiders do not stop into the city, such an accident will happen in the future.We do not have the infrastructure to match the population.” He also mentioned, MNS another leader South Da’angkar (Bala Nandangaonkar) has also sent a letter to the Indian Ministry of Railways, urging them to pay attention to the city’s narrow pedestrian bridge problem. 7-49456_29_65473_9

MNS leader fire full, and even the Indian Ministry of Railways as a “terrorist”, saying “why the need for terrorists? It seems that our Ministry of Railways has enough to kill.” Sarkley also questioned Indian officials to escape the problem, said “They are not answering. Are they raging in the blame? Is the first time in the history of Mumbai rain?”

Indian high officials: high-speed rail is not for ordinary people

In addition, the train station in Mumbai stampede One day later, former Chancellor of the Republic of India, parliament leader Z Chidambaram, also condemned the Moody’s government in social media, saying it was “futile” in its “ambitious high-speed rail program.”

Qiden Burlem said the high-speed rail program will be “like a display”, with its construction of high-speed rail, it is better to spend more effort to improve the safety and infrastructure of the Indian railway. He said, “the high-speed rail is not for ordinary people. It is only the elite in the pursuit of personal satisfaction.”

Indian senior congressional leaders also pointed out that the Indian railway minister should ensure that 1 trillion rupees (about 101.9 billion yuan) for improvement Railway safety, and the upgrading of railways and signaling systems, rather than for the construction of high-speed rail.

accident victims left behind shoes and other objects. (Print media map)

Mumbai stampede to cause 22 dead and heavy rain or infrastructure? It is reported that the Indian port city of Mumbai on the 29th around 10:40 am stampede, resulting in at least 22 people were killed and 39 people were injured… .__ At that time Mumbai sudden heavy rain, ready to ride the train people have chosen in the vicinity of the pedestrian bridge shelter. Due to coincide with the early peak hours of work, overpass pedestrian overcrowded, resulting in a stampede event.

Following Spain and other four countries after Italy announced the expulsion of North Korean ambassador

                    (The original title: following Spain and other four countries, Italy announced the expulsion of North Korea ambassador)

                                   July 1, Italy announced the expulsion of North Korea ambassador to protest the DPRK repeatedly disregard of the international community feel, conduct nuclear tests and test missiles, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States,

Italian diplomacy and international cooperation Minister Alfa Nuo in an interview with the Italian “Republic newspaper” interview, said the DPRK ambassador must leave Italy, so that Pyongyang know, if again, will inevitably be isolated. “We have made an important decision: to suspend the DPRK ambassador’s procedure and he will have to leave Italy.”

However, Alfa said that Italy will not sever diplomatic relations with North Korea because “maintaining a communication channel would be useful” The Reported that Alfaano did not say that the DPRK ambassador must leave Italy when.

Marseille, France, a man at the station with a knife attack caused more than 2 dead injury has been killed

French local time on the afternoon of October 1, the French Marseille police in the social media news, to remind people to avoid the vicinity of St. Shorele train station, the police are there to start action. It is reported that a man in the train station with a knife attack past passers-by, has caused two deaths, several people were injured, the man was later killed by the police. Its motives are being investigated.


picture shows the scene

法国马赛一男子在火车站持刀袭击路人 警方已击毙 images from network

法国马赛一男子在火车站持刀袭击路人 警方已击毙 images from local media: Race to send pictures

法国马赛一男子在火车站持刀袭击路人 警方已击毙 images from local Media: Marseille Events

Air France Airbus A380 aircraft due to engine failure emergency landing in Canada

                    (Original title: Air France Airbus A380 aircraft due to engine failure emergency landing in Canada)

                                   BEIJING, Oct. 1 / PRNewswire-FirstCall / – Beijing Airlines announced on Sept. 30 that the company had a flight from Paris, France to Los Angeles, the Airbus A380 aircraft that day due to engine failure in an airport in eastern Canada Implementation of emergency landing. The accident did not cause injury.

当地时间9月30日,法航一架由巴黎飞往洛杉矶的空中巴士A380班机,飞越大西洋期间有引擎在空中解体,之后飞机在加拿大小镇古斯贝的机场紧急降落。 当地时间9月30日,法航一架由巴黎飞往洛杉矶的空中巴士A380班机,飞越大西洋期间有引擎在空中解体,之后飞机在加拿大小镇古斯贝的机场紧急降落。
Local time on September 30, Air France flight from Paris to Los Angeles airbus A380 flight, over the Atlantic during the engine in the air disintegrated, after the plane in the Canadian town of Gusbe airport emergency landing. According to Agence France-Presse quoted the Air France spokesman as saying that the AF66 Airbus A380 aircraft in Newfoundland, Canada, Gusibe military airport forced landing. In addition to the engine failure, the aircraft in the process of landing no other problems. 520 people on the plane after landing in the evacuation of security personnel. The crew of 520 includes 496 passengers and 24 crew members.

CNN news media and other media through the social media to obtain the relevant photos, the photo shows the aircraft wing next to an engine has been damaged. It is unclear why the accident led to the specific reasons.

当地时间9月30日,法航一架由巴黎飞往洛杉矶的空中巴士A380班机,飞越大西洋期间有引擎在空中解体,之后飞机在加拿大小镇古斯贝的机场紧急降落。 当地时间9月30日,法航一架由巴黎飞往洛杉矶的空中巴士A380班机,飞越大西洋期间有引擎在空中解体,之后飞机在加拿大小镇古斯贝的机场紧急降落。
Local time on September 30, Air France flight from Paris to Los Angeles airbus A380 flight, over the Atlantic during the engine in the air disintegrated, after the plane in the Canadian town of Gusbe airport emergency landing.

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