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Thailand part of the last day of the opening spots filled with Chinese tourists and locals

泰国部分景点最后一天开放 挤满中国游客和当地人

泰国部分景点最后一天开放 挤满中国游客和当地人

泰国部分景点最后一天开放 挤满中国游客和当地人

泰国部分景点最后一天开放 挤满中国游客和当地人

泰国部分景点最后一天开放 挤满中国游客和当地人

[Thailand attractions to open the last day of the US dollar tumbled Chinese tourists and the local population] Bangkok Grand Palace, Emerald Buddha Temple will be held October 1 to 29 is closed, Ananda Palace will be closed on October 1 repair, the last day ushered in many tourists.

泰国部分景点最后一天开放 挤满中国游客和当地人 Chinese Embassy has released the relevant travel reminder

Trump will visit China, Japan and South Korea and other countries printed media: Modi hospitality does not work

                    (The original title: Trump will visit the Asian media: although Moody’s kind invitation to India is still not included)


特朗普将访中日韩等国 印媒:莫迪盛情邀请不奏效 Trump and Modi

1 day 2 degrees provocation! Indian military with heavy weapons to attack the Palestinian civilians caused by more than casualties

                    (Original title: 1 day 2 degree provocation! Indian military weapons attack Palestinian civilians caused heavy casualties)

                                   Pakistan on the Indian border forces filed an allegation that its unprovoked breach of the ceasefire agreement, the Palestinian civilians opened fire, resulting in the Palestinian side of the three people (including the Palestinian side) Death, 4 people were injured. Pakistani military spokesman reported in a statement on the 29th, the Indian army for no reason against the ceasefire agreement, the use of heavy weapons to attack the Palestinian-controlled Kashmir region Lavala Kote County Rakhchikri village civilians , Resulting in the death of two civilians, 1 civilians were injured. At the time of the Pakistani border patrol to assist in the evacuation of civilians, the Indian army fired again on the Pakistani side, killing one soldier in Pakistan and injuring three civilians, the statement said. A spokesman for the Pakistani military said that after the Pakistani casualties were reported, the Pakistani army had effectively responded to the provocative behavior of the Indian army. India reported that Pakistan’s return to India caused casualties, but the Indian side refused to disclose the specific number of casualties.

In recent years, the border between India and Pakistan continue to “clean the gun”. On 25 September, the Indian government released the latest data on the border area of ​​India and Pakistan, the data show that in the past 27 years, Kashmir region a total of 41,000 people died, which means that the average daily life of four in the war Gone, the number of casualties per year reached 1519 people. Under the cold data, buried the burning of the tragic and brutal burning. India has reintroduced combat forces with decades of experience, equipped with tanks and armored vehicles, authorized for the Pakistani army, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, All the actions to fight back.

IS three senior leaders were killed by the US-led international league

                    (Original title: IS three senior important leaders were killed)

                                   According to the news from Syria, IS three senior leaders in the Syrian territory by the US-led International League Air Force killed. The United States led the International League on the 29th statement said that on the 13th and 14th of this month, the Union Air Force on the eastern part of Syria, Meadin area for several air raids, IS three senior important leaders Were killed, they are Abu. Ma A Qi, Sagard. Farouk and Abu Suleiman.

The statement states that the three people who were killed were the principal responsible persons in the IS organization responsible for UAV production.

The depth of the five earthquakes in the northeastern part of New Zealand is 51 km deep

                    (The original title: the northeastern part of New Zealand occurred 5 earthquake source depth of 51 km)


新西兰东北部海域发生5级地震震源深度51公里 There is a magnitude 5 earthquake in the waters of northeastern New Zealand. (Source: US Geological Survey Bureau)

September 30, according to the US Geological Survey website news, Beijing time at 14:34 on the 30th, New Zealand northeast waters occurred 5 earthquake, the focal depth of 51 km The

Park Ji-hui indefinitely postponed this big thing in the proposed period of time to get

                    (The original title: Park Ji-hui indefinite delay this big thing in the proposed period of time to get)



Moon Jae-in on the 28th stressed that “to recover wartime operational control” again

overseas online September 30 electric Yin Wen during the presidential election campaign in Korea, pledged to recover wartime operational command in office right. By its commitment, the handover should be completed between 2019 and 2020. After he took office, the South Korean government accelerated the pace of recovery. 28, Wen Yu attended the 69th anniversary of the founding ceremony, once again stressed that “the South Korean government established based on independent defense forces as soon as possible to recover the wartime combat command of the goal,” causing social concern.

wartime combat command refers to the Korean Peninsula “very time” command of the military fighting power, also known as wartime war. South Korean military’s combat power is divided into normal combat command and wartime combat command. At present, the usual combat command by the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff to exercise, and wartime combat command by the United States and South Korea joint commander (US commander in Korea) to exercise.

Since the early 1950s, the Korean military command has long been dominated by US troops stationed in Korea. In 1994, South Korea withdrew its military command in peacetime. And because of the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, the US military command in South Korea to exercise the wartime combat command of the recovery has repeatedly postponed.

QQ截图20170930152435.png Park Geun-hye government postponed indefinitely the right to withdraw combat work

Han Mei at the end of 2015 the two sides had planned to transmit command, but at the time of Park Geun-hye still need the government to defense capabilities development, citing Han Mei in October 2014 Held at the 46th Korea-US Security Council (SCM), agreed to postpone the wartime combat command transfer time again to the mid-2020, external analysis that this is equivalent to the transfer period was delayed indefinitely.

However, after the election of the president of Korea, the situation changed, the South Korean government to speed up the pace of recovery of wartime combat command. In line with the president’s commitment to the election, the Korean Ministry of Defense has also taken a key step. According to South Korea’s New Jersey news agency reported on the 29th, free Korean party member Kim said that in order to complete the recovery in early 2010, the Korean Ministry of Defense has begun to implement the “three-step” plan to recover the war. Is currently in the first stage, that is, by the end of 2018, Han Jun will be under the current joint command of the United States and South Korea to build an independent basis led by Han Jun; 2019 began to enter the second stage, led by the Han Jun “future command “Will replace the Korea-US Joint Command, a new command system, and participate in the Korean-American joint military exercise. In the “future command” system, the Korean soldiers will serve as commander, the US military as deputy commander. As for the third step, the Korean Ministry of Defense has not yet determined. Japan and South Korea on the 27th in the South Korean Ministry of Defense held a two-day joint defense defense mechanism (KIDD) meeting issued a joint communique, said the two countries decided to speed up the transfer warfare The combat command. Some analysts believe that may be in the next month Korea and the United States Security Council (SCM) to draw concrete results.

l_2017092901003959800323961.jpg Opposition Party Hung 杓 杓 means to oppose (second right)

US State Security Bureau leaks: America’s worst global hate it three times a day

                    (The original title: US Security Bureau leak: the United States the world’s worst hate it three times a day)

                                   Today, allegedly stealing US confidential content, and leaked to the media, the US Security Bureau intelligence leaker Winner once again attracted the media attention…………………… It is reported that the reason why her leak is because hate the United States, and its frequency of hate as high as “three times a day.” The court has yet to decide whether or not to allow bail on Winner on 30 days.

According to “USA Today” and many other US media reports, held in the 27th trial, the prosecutor provided a section of the Wenna and FBI dialogue between the 77 records. And in one of the most notable, it is Winner and her sister in the February facebook chat. In the conversation between the two, Winner wrote: “Look, I just said I hate the United States three times a day. I am not radical. This is like American obsessed with air conditioning, very common.”

When her sister Asked whether it really hated the United States, Winner replied, “I think yes, (America) is the worst thing on this planet.” We invented capitalism also ruined the environment. “

It is learned that if Winner prints The fact that the US secret report and handed over to the network news media is set up and she will face up to 10 years in prison for disclosure.

In addition, Winner also told FBI officials that she was disappointed with herself as a government contractor. This work involves translating documents from the Persian into English for the US National Security Agency. It is reported that Winner had worked in the US Air Force from 2010 to 2016 as a translator. In the FBI interview, Winner initially said she put the document on his desk, then put it into the burning bag. After the agent asked the specific question, Winner admitted that he took the document out of the building and sent to the media. When the FBI agent asked her how to bring the file out of the office, she also introduced her own “low-tech way” – half folded into pantyhose. Although the way low, but there is no security personnel to stop her.

Fox News Network said the court on 30 days has not yet allowed to bail on Winner to make a decision. The judge said it would make a ruling next week.

The pistol and his children to stay home in their own chic travel American mother was XingJu

                    (The original title: the pistol and children to stay home in their own chic travel American mother was XingJu)



Irene Lee Mike travel photo of German traveler on social networking site Instagram. A mother in Johnston, Iowa, has four of her 4 to 12-year-olds staying at home while herself is herself. Chic start a more than 10 days of German travel. While the children staying at home are the largest 12 years old and the youngest is only 6 years old. According to the British “Daily Mail” reported that the recent US Iowa police in the routine inspection found that four children aged 6 to 12 years of age in the absence of care to stay in the case of their mothers, their mothers Traveled to Germany for more than 10 days. Police also found a pistol on the dresser when checking in the room. The police found the unattended children after the mother left the United States one day later. Upon inquiry, the children ‘s mother had left the United States the day before, traveled to Germany, but did not arrange anybody to take care of them. Erin Lee Macke, the mother of the four children, was 30 years old and divorced by her husband Matthew Macke in 2013, raising herself for a pair of 12-year-old twins (a man and a woman) ), A 7-year-old and a 6-year-old daughter.

44DB996C00000578-4933206-Macke_s_four_children-m-24_1506689294448.jpg Irene Lee Mike’s four children. (Source: “Daily Mail”)

It is reported that the local police immediately informed the situation to the children’s mother Mike call, asked to return immediately. While Mike just shortened his trip to 4 days. She returned to the United States on Wednesday (27th) and was arrested by police on Thursday morning (28th). From the police found the child alone at home has been a full week of time. Mike admitted to the police that his four children would stay at home alone and travel to Germany and plan to return after 1 October.

44DDF30800000578-4933206-image-a-50_1506706378398.jpg Irene Lee Mike has been arrested by the police. (Source: “Daily Mail”)

Russian media: US coalition air raid once again lead to Syria, Iraq 50 civilians were killed

                    (Original title: Russian media: US coalition air raids once again caused Syria, Iraq 50 civilians were killed)

                                   According to the Russian satellite news agency Washington on September 29, the US-led international coalition on the 29th issued a statement that coalition forces in Syria and Iraq to implement the fight against the “Islamic State” organization (in Russia was Ban) military operations again mistakenly injured civilians, resulting in 50 deaths, according to statistics, coalition operations have led to a total of 753 civilians were killed. According to a statement received by the satellite news agency, “the coalition evaluated 185 reports, of which 168 were rated as untrustworthy, three were reviewed and repeated with the previous report, and 14 were considered credible. Once again led to 50 civilians accidental death. “

French new regulations: PS model body must be marked or a fine of 295,000 yuan

                    (Original title: France introduced the new regulations: PS model body must be marked, or a fine of 295,000 yuan)

                                   7-59456_2_65473_9 法国出台新规:商业照片中如果模特身材经过PS必须标注清楚 图据ALAMYl France introduced the new regulations: commercial photos if the model body through the PS must be marked clearly Illustrated ALAMYl

models of commercial photos often photographed in the late PS is not a secret, repair the eyes, pull the legs, thin waist, Increase the curve, so that models show a more perfect image is a very common means of commercial advertising, but people often can not accurately determine whether the front of the photo through the PS processing modification.

However, the French government recently introduced the provisions, will let these secrets at a glance. According to the BBC report on September 30, according to the relevant provisions of the French government, from October 1, any PS so that the model looks thinner business photos must be accompanied by a warning slogan: “photos edited.”

Any violation of this provision will face a fine of 37,500 euros (about RMB 295,000) or 30% of the advertising production costs. The French government wants to solve the public health problems caused by PS pictures, such as those who are eager to shape the perfect body of advertising, these perfect body is computer forged.

French Minister of Health Marisol Tourena said: “Let young people face unrealistic body image all day will lead to their sense of inferiority, which will affect their physical and mental health.”

In fact, France Is not the first country to introduce such rules, after Israel introduced a similar provision. However, the French people for the degree of concern to other countries can not match. In France, tens of thousands of people suffer from anorexia, while the French average body mass index (BMI) is the lowest in Europe.

Getty公司宣布从10月1日起不再接受任何修改模特身材的商业照片 图据《今日美国》 Getty announces that it will no longer accept any commercial drawings of the model body from 1 October. “USA Today”

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