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Resource tax reform 1 year: coal production savings of 143 million tons of water

                    (Original title: resource tax reform a year to reduce coal production 143 million tons)


As a veritable green tax, resource tax reform has been fully pushed through a year. How has the resource tax reform progressed over the past year? In the promotion of the supply side of structural reform, promote economic restructuring and upgrading, help ecological civilization construction and so played a role? The tax department has recently given such a response.

China in July 1, 2016 onwards, the full liberalization of the resources tax Qingli tax, ad valorem tax reform, to further improve the green tax system, straighten out, to improve the quality of tax, Resource tax relations, efforts to build a standardized fair, control together, the collection and management of efficient tax system.

The resource tax reform, the biggest bright spot is from the amount of levy into ad valorem, although the word difference, but it is significant. “Ad valorem has established a tax and resource prices directly linked to the adjustment mechanism, so that resource tax revenue and reflect the market supply and demand and resource advantages and disadvantages of the ore price is linked to the adjustment of resource benefits to ensure the sustainable and healthy operation of resource industries to improve the use of resources Efficiency, while enhancing the ecological awareness of the whole society. “Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Professor Hu Yijian that. At the end of 2015, the central economic work conference to deploy, the “production capacity” on the supply side of the structural reform of the first, put forward coal and other mining industry to strictly control the increase, to prevent the new excess capacity.

After the reform of the resource tax to take ad valorem levy the collection of management, so that the tax revenue and ore prices to keep pace with the increase and decrease, to help the healthy development of the mineral industry. In the first half of this year, coal prices in Shanxi Province rose, the cumulative price of tons of coal rose to 433 yuan, up 201 yuan, an increase of 87% over the same period coal resources tax revenue reached 13.9 billion Yuan, up 151% year on year, before the reform from the amount of fixed amount of income 11.9 billion yuan, to achieve coal resources and coal prices “is positively related.” “Ad valorem has increased the regulation of resource tax, effectively stabilizing the excess profits caused by high coal prices, the coal market did not appear speculative speculation.” State Administration of Taxation, Deputy Director of Property and Behavior Tax Division Sun Qun said. The same time, the government leveraging resource tax reform, the accumulation of financial resources and for the reduction of production capacity, placement of workers, the protection of the environment, etc., over the past year, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, the People’s Republic of China, the People’s Republic of China, the People’s Republic of China, the People’s Republic of China, A total pressure of 143 million tons, the output capacity of 23.25 million tons. The implementation of water resources tax reform, the CPC Central Committee and State Council to focus on water resources security strategy needs to make a major reform and deployment, but also effective control of groundwater in Hebei Province, the development of water resources, water resources, water resources, water resources, water resources, water resources, water resources, water resources, water resources, water resources, water resources, water resources, water resources, , Forcing the water resources to save intensive use of the rare opportunity. “Hebei Province Local Taxation Bureau Jia Hongxing frankly. July 1, 2016, as one of the poorest provinces of water resources, Hebei Province, the first pilot water resource tax reform, the groundwater tax burden increased to 4 times the surface water, super-planned water to double the water tax, Special industry access to water comprehensive unit tax increased by an average of more than 15 times. “After the reform to extract groundwater, super-mining area, high water consumption enterprises significantly increased tax burden, the larger tax difference is conducive to guide enterprises to adjust the water structure in a timely manner.” Hebei Province Local Taxation Bureau, a Director of the High Commissioner of Taxation said. In order to reduce the cost of groundwater water pressure, Hebei water supply enterprises above designated size have to adjust the water structure, such as Langfang City, the iron and steel companies to invest in the construction of wastewater treatment and comprehensive utilization of comprehensive utilization of rainwater recycling projects, access to groundwater less than 2% of the total water; Tangshan Sanyou Group, which is in the over-extraction area of ​​groundwater, has reduced the proportion of groundwater consumption from 60% before the reform to 8.7% by increasing the amount of surface water and improving the desalination process.

According to statistics, after the pilot water supply in Hebei Province from 18.7 billion cubic meters in 2015 to 2018 years 18.1 billion cubic meters, saving more than 500 million cubic meters of water. Among them, the amount of groundwater access to water decreased by 6.56% over the previous year, water-saving effect is obvious.

Zhejiang: have the ability to work but refuse the laborer will be disqualified

                    (Original title: Zhejiang: have the ability to work but refused to workers will be canceled minimum living security)


Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, October 8 (Xinhua) Zhejiang Provincial Government recently issued a provincial government order, announced the revised “Zhejiang Province minimum living security approach.” The approach points out that there are four types of situations such as labor ability but rejection of workers and will be disqualified from their minimum living security.

Xiong’an New District: housing stop and difficult households winter heating by the government to solve

                    (The original title: Xiong An new: housing construction workers winter heating by the government to solve)

                                   On the 7th of the winter heating policy issued a message, this winter, the new security zone will take the “coal on behalf of the coal”, “coal on behalf of the coal” to promote biomass fuel, the peak with the use of Electricity and other effective measures to vigorously promote the winter clean heating, three counties forbidden burning coal. On the housing construction workers, housing just needed and difficult groups of winter heating problems, carefully resolved by the Government, never let a crowd to freeze. July 15, Anxin, Rongcheng Xiongxian three counties urban heating district will be the official heating, residents only need to pay the normal heating fee can be. During the winter heating period, the three counties have completed the “coal generation”, “gas on behalf of the coal” and other rural areas will no longer burn coal, has not yet completed the transformation of rural areas will ban burning coal, can burn clean coal.

Taiwan North Port cargo ship 6 sunrise on board the ship 6 people have died so far

台湾北港货轮6日海外失联 船上6人至今生死未卜

台湾北港货轮6日海外失联 船上6人至今生死未卜

台湾北港货轮6日海外失联 船上6人至今生死未卜

Navy first deputy captain of the post job has to give up the preferential treatment into the army

                    (The original title: the first deputy chief of the Navy job changes)

                                   Recently, CCTV-7 military agricultural channel broadcast the “19 representatives of the wind recorded.” Column introduction, nineteen female representatives, female captain Wei Huixiao’s ideal is dream dark blue, and she was transferred from the beginning of the Changchun ship in Zhengzhou, deputy captain.

view reporter noted that the female doctor to give up the generous treatment, self-employed, joined the naval forces, to join the aircraft carrier business, become the first deputy captain of the Navy, and the successful completion of “hunting shark”, the Sino-Russian ” “And other major exercises to teach the task.

海军首位女副舰长职位变动 曾放弃优厚待遇入伍

under her command, warships successfully hit the target

program introduced, said on naval vessels around the world, the female crew is relatively rare, it is one of the few female captain. Navy deputy captain Wei Huixiao, after graduating from the army joined the aircraft carrier Liaoning ship, after five years of ocean ocean tempered, grow into the first naval ship commander.

In the recent watershed in the East China Sea launched a real combat drill, Wei Huixiao command Zhengzhou ship first to hit the target on the shore, the success of the target.

海军首位女副舰长职位变动 曾放弃优厚待遇入伍

“has been staggering start, but my dream road is still very long.” Wei Huixiao has this sentence as their own encouragement and spur.

elected party’s 19 representatives, Wei Huixiao become more busy, just returned from the military field, she kept running in the wars of the war, in-depth understanding and seek the advice of the officers and men, to participate in the party’s ten Nine big enough to prepare.

public information, Wei Huixiao was born in 1977, Guangxi Baise, Zhuang. She graduated from the University of Nanjing to read the atmospheric science, after graduation into the Huawei company engaged in administrative work, master and doctor in the Sun Yat-sen University to read the earth science, during which went to Tibet to support education, to Beijing as an Olympic volunteer … …

According to ” Reported that after graduation, Wei Huixiao entered Huawei, as senior vice president of the Secretary, administrative assistant, once won the Huawei “Gold Award” award, get millions of annual salary, many people envy the high salary white collar.

海军首位女副舰长职位变动 曾放弃优厚待遇入伍

The reason why the pen from the Rong, but also from the end of October 2010 talking about. At that time the Chinese navy began to set up aircraft carrier docked troops, the relevant departments received a letter from Guangzhou to send letters of recommendation. The letter wrote: “The aircraft carrier is the largest stage of Chinese sailors, in order to dream, I apply for an ordinary aircraft carrier crew, in the battle of the storm in the experience of growth!”

self-referrals is Wei Huixiao. At that time she resigned from Huawei’s high-paying jobs, admitted to the Sun Yat-sen’s doctoral students. The reason why will choose at this point in time, because in accordance with the provisions of the doctoral graduates age is generally not more than 35 years of age.

At the beginning of 2012, 35-year-old Wei Huixiao graduated from the Department of Earth Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University, was specially recruited into China’s first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship. In October the same year, she was appointed as the deputy sailor of Liaoning ship sailing, became the first female vice president of the aircraft carrier. In April 2015, according to the higher order, she transferred from the Liaoning ship to the Changchun ship as deputy captain of the internship…. In March 2016, she successfully passed the new missile destroyer deputy captain alone assessment, as the first deputy captain of the Navy, and the successful completion of “hunting shark”, the Sino-Russian “sea joint -2016” and other major exercises. According to the disclosure of CCTV, at present, Wei Huixiao has been from the vice captain of Changchun ship changed the deputy captain of Zhengzhou ship……………………………………………………………….

public information, Zhengzhou ship number 151, model 052C, is the fourth of China into the model “Chinese Aegis”. And its previous Changchun shipboard number 150, the model is 052C, for the first three into the column. On the morning of December 26, 2013, Zhejiang Zhoushan a military port, red flag fluttering, flags fluttering, Zhengzhou ship named into the flag ceremony held here, marking the ship officially joined the people of the naval fighting sequence…. According to “Zhengzhou Evening News” reported that Zhengzhou ship maximum length of 155 meters, 17 meters wide, full load displacement of 6,000 tons, equipped with several sets of independent research and development of our new weapons and equipment, advanced performance, high technological content, can be alone or in coordination with the Navy Other forces attack surface ships, submarines, with strong remote alert detection and regional air defense combat capability.

It is worth noting that the Zhengzhou ship can be described as a star ship, only half a year, as the Chinese command ship, participated in the Sino-Russian “sea joint -2014″ military exercises, 2016 also participated in the Sino-Russian ” “Military exercises. In addition, in recent years, Zhengzhou ship participated in a number of major exercises in the actual combat training in the temper of a diamond.

海军首位女副舰长职位变动 曾放弃优厚待遇入伍

In the Sino-Russian “sea joint -2014” military exercise, Alexander is “Varyag” on an officer, from the bow to the ship stern, he carefully visited the Zhengzhou ship, to understand the relevant performance. He told reporters that this is his first time to China, the first time and the Chinese navy zero distance contact, Zhengzhou ship is very new, very advanced, giving a strong impact.

Beijing Railway Bureau holiday passenger sent a record high 10 consecutive days million

                    (Original title: Beijing Railway Bureau holiday to send passengers nearly 12.7 million people Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail “revival number” attendance rate of 96.2%)

                                   July 8 evening, the legal evening news · view reporter learned from the Beijing Railway Bureau was informed that the 11th day of the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival in 2017, the successful completion of the railway transport, the Beijing Railway Bureau to send passengers to send a total of 1268.16 (10) Million people, an increase of 677,000 people, an increase of 5.6%, the total number of passengers sent a record high.

In addition, the legal evening news · view journalists from the China Railway Corporation was informed that the national railway has been 8 consecutive days exceeded 10 million people.

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival holiday for up to eight days, to promote the public demand for travel, visiting relatives and tourist traffic is highly superimposed, the number of railway passenger traffic continues to run high The

Beijing Railway Bureau from September 29 to October 8 for 10 consecutive days to send passengers over 1 million people, the cumulative passenger sent 12.686 million, an increase of 677,000, an increase of 5.6%. Among them, the Beijing area three stations to send passengers 536.71 million, an increase of 19.77 million, an increase of 3.8%.

single-day passenger delivery up to October 1, a total of 138.31 million passengers to send, the National Day Mid-Autumn holiday passengers to send a record high total. October 8, the Beijing Railway Bureau sent 120.08 million passengers, an increase of 304,400, an increase of 34.0%.

This year the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, is the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail “revival” China’s standard EMU reached 350 km speed operation, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail “revival number” attendance rate of 96.2%

this year, Jin Ji regional expansion and the opening of Beijing to Xiong’an New District EMU opened the first national holiday Mid-Autumn Festival. July 28 to October 8, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail “revival number” train sent a total of 77,600 passengers, attendance rate of 96.2% or more, October 1, 2 attendance is reached 100% The

Beijing-Tianjin inter-city “revival number”, has become a large number of people use the holiday feeling of choice, the average attendance during the holiday rate of 93.5% or more. Beijing to Xiong’an New District EMU attendance has remained at a high level of 94.8%, October 1, Beijing to Baoding, D6655 to Baoding and October 8 Baoding to Beijing South D6658 times, attendance up to 99%.

to increase the direction of the train to meet the travel holiday travel needs

The weather station announces the windy winds on the sea and so on

                    (The original title: Central Meteorological Observatory issued by the sea wind forecast Strait and other gusts 10)

                                   According to the Central Meteorological Station website, the Central Meteorological Observatory on the 9th to continue to publish the sea wind forecast: expected by the common impact of cold air, 9 days to the night, the Bohai Sea will have 7 to 8, gust 9 ~ 10 northeast winds. In addition, by the cold air and the common impact of the South China Sea low pressure, the Taiwan Strait part of the sea, the Bund Strait, the South China Sea in the northern waters of the North Bay will have 7 to 8, gust 9 to 10 northeast or east wind.


World Bank raised China’s next two years the economy is expected to boost the reform of state-owned enterprises

                    (Original title: state-owned enterprise reform to boost China’s economic expectations)

                                   9_89456_2_65473_9 世界银行上调中国今明两年经济预期 国企改革提振 The reform of state-owned enterprises is a powerful force for China’s economic transformation and upgrading.

Recently, the World Bank in Malaysia issued the “East Asia and the Pacific Economic Semi-annual Report”, raised China’s next two years of economic growth expectations. Among them, a very important basis is China’s sustained and in-depth state-owned enterprise reform. Relevant information shows that over the past five years, China has made unprecedented efforts and efforts to promote state-owned enterprise reform, and made a series of major decision-making arrangements. Large amount of money and most of the state-owned economy in the life of the state-owned enterprises not only in the reform to achieve a solid advance, but also showing the development of ideas and business updates. Experts pointed out that although China’s state-owned enterprise reform is still on the road, but the past five years of practice has fully demonstrated that state-owned enterprise reform is moving along the right track, and will contribute to China’s economic transformation and upgrading of a strong force.

Reform measures early results

State-owned enterprise reform top-level design is basically completed, 10 reform pilot formed a number of replicable experience, more than 2/3 of the central enterprises to introduce social capital … … held earlier At the press conference, Xiao Yaqing, director of the SASAC, made a detailed summary of the course of China’s state-owned enterprise reform over the past five years. According to Xiao Yaqing, since the 18th CPC National Congress since the direct effect of state-owned enterprise reform focused on three aspects: First, the institutional reform has taken important steps. The mixed ownership of the central enterprises accounted for more than 68% of the ownership; 92% of the local state-owned enterprises established the board of directors, and many state-owned enterprises also compressed the headquarters staff. Second, the layout structure optimization. Since the 18th National Congress, a total of 34 central enterprises have been reorganized, the provincial regulatory enterprises have carried out restructuring of 136, so that the state-owned enterprises more optimized assets, capital is more concentrated, more clear direction. Third, the asset regulatory system to further improve. “The past five years, is the fastest progress in these years, the most significant performance of 5 years, the most deepening of market reform for 5 years.” Xiao Yaqing said that the central enterprises and future development, will be market-oriented And traction, to promote enterprises to further enhance their competitiveness.

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics School of Public Economics and Management Professor Liu Xiaochuan in an interview with this reporter pointed out that over the past five years, China has made fruitful results in the reform of state-owned enterprises. In particular, the promotion of mixed ownership reform, so that the state-owned enterprises operating mechanism is constantly optimized, the efficiency of state-owned enterprises continue to improve, not only benefit increased year by year, and state-owned enterprises to provide “quasi-public service” functions are more adapted to social needs.

began to face the deep contradictions

Xing Li harm to play steadily, continuous reform for a long time for the work. 5 years, state-owned enterprise reform has been pointing to the “deep water”, its practice is full of hope. For example, in the same industry to solve the same industry, “going out” is prone to vicious competition on the issue, China has adopted a reorganization and integration, to promote mixed ownership reform, etc., to optimize the allocation of resources, reducing the duplication of construction, streamlining the organization Institutions, to expand the advantages of complementary, enhance the overall strength. According to Huang Danhua, deputy director of the SASAC, in 2017 there are 48 Chinese central enterprises finalists list of the world’s top 500 enterprises, the central enterprises of the industry with a significant increase in driving force and influence.

In order to prevent the loss of state assets, the state-owned assets supervision and management departments have also made great efforts to ensure the safe and reliable state-owned assets in the aspects of improving the system, establishing supervision and closing the ring, focusing on key links and strengthening accountability. “In the past two years, the SASAC has focused on the supervision of overseas operations and systematically strengthened the supervision and inspection of the overseas operation of state-owned enterprises and adopted a regular supervision and inspection. In the process of supervision and inspection, Timely supervision and rectification. “Deputy Secretary-General Peng Hua Gang, said the SASAC.

“For the enterprise, the cost of control and the expansion of the market determines the success of the business.As with other enterprises, state-owned enterprises are also faced with the actual owner and management of the commission between the agent problem. The relationship between human relations and even their own interests to blindly expand, ignoring the cost and risk.This in the country, likely to cause the spread of pie and people floating in the overseas, it is easy to lead to the loss of state assets.Unfortunately, now China’s state-owned enterprises in the process of reform Level measures are more and more. “Liu Xiaochuan said.

manned space, deep sea exploration, high-speed rail, mobile communications, large aircraft … … in the recently hit documentary “brilliant China”, China 5 years, many scientific and technological innovation behind the achievements , Are shining state-owned enterprises reform and innovation of the figure. 5 years, the central enterprises R u0026 D investment accumulated 1.7 trillion yuan, equivalent to the national R u0026 D funding 1/4; total access to national science and technology awards 424, accounting for the total number of awards 1/3. At the same time, the central enterprises also built a variety of “double” platform 518, an effective pool of social innovation resources, human resources and funds, led to innovation and employment.

Official media: China’s holdings of US debt this year is the choice to expand investment income

                    (The original title: China’s continuous holdings of US debt is a market behavior)


Recently, China’s six consecutive months of holdings of US Treasury bonds caused concern. Following a continuous reduction in 2016, the Chinese government has returned to America’s largest “creditor” position. In this regard, the expert analysis, holdings or holdings of US Treasury bonds are normal investment behavior, since this year’s increase in China’s balance of payments surplus and foreign reserves to increase the background of reasonable changes, is to expand investment income options, the future Increasing US Treasury bonds will continue to be an important operation of China’s foreign exchange reserve management.

increase and decrease are normal investment

US Treasury Department recently released data show that China continued to increase holdings of $ 19.5 billion in US Treasury bonds in July, holding the scale increased to 1.166 trillion US dollars. This is China’s sixth consecutive month holdings of US Treasury bonds.

In June this year, China held the size of US Treasury bonds over Japan, once again become the largest US creditor. At present, China continues to sit tight in the United States the largest overseas “creditors” position.

According to the China Central Bank released data in August China’s foreign exchange reserves of 3.092 trillion US dollars, China’s foreign exchange reserves for the first time in three years to seven consecutive months of continuous growth. SAFE official said the rise in international financial asset prices is the main driving force for the growth of foreign exchange reserves in August. At present, US Treasury accounts for more than one-third of China’s foreign exchange reserve assets. However, in 2016, China has also been a continuous reduction of US Treasury bonds, so that in October that year, Japan became the world’s largest holders of US Treasury bonds.

For holdings or holdings of US Treasury bonds, Chinese officials said the US debt market is an important market for China, whether holdings or holdings are normal investment operations, China will be based on changes in the market dynamics Optimize and adjust operations.

US debt scale realistic

for continuous holdings this year, the China International Economic and Exchange Center researcher Zhang Yongjun, told reporters analysis, this year, China’s export situation is good, the trade surplus continued to state, at the same time, foreign direct Investment was a significant decline. From the perspective of foreign exchange receipts and payments, foreign exchange earnings are more, while foreign direct investment is significantly reduced, foreign exchange reserves increased. Therefore, the size of the investment in securities will be correspondingly increased, China’s holdings of US Treasury bonds, it is reasonable changes in this context.

compared to other securities assets, the US debt as a combination of security and benefits of better products, foreign exchange investment has become an important choice. “Investment securities to choose a stable income, liquidity is better market, while the US debt in this performance is good, at the same time with a large enough market size and high security.” Zhang Yongjun said.

Renmin University of China International Currency Specialist Qu Fengjie also wrote that “for our country, in the balance of payments surplus and foreign exchange reserves increased circumstances, the purchase of the highest liquidity dollar assets is preferred. To the United States Treasury bonds in line with the dual needs of security and liquidity in the foreign reserves to stabilize after several months of holdings of US Treasury bonds is also a normal thing. “

In addition to economic fundamentals with China, such as economic growth stabilized, RMB exchange rate stabilization, capital outflow and other factors related to the Qingdao University School of Economics Professor Yi Xianrong that holdings of US debt is also optimistic about the dollar in the second half will be out of the current weakness. Zhang Yongjun said, “this year the relative depreciation of the dollar, and in the table plan, the general judgment of the dollar continue to depreciate the possibility of small, and the possibility of appreciation increased in such expectations, the purchase of relatively low-priced dollar assets, The future may get the difference in income. “

Morgan Asset Management also pointed out that the second half of the dollar index will have a chance to usher in a wave of recovery. If this happens, the Chinese government holdings of US Treasury bonds will be a good choice.

small holding or will continue

as the largest US “creditor”, China’s holdings of US Treasury bonds will bring what kind of market impact? Zhang Yongjun that this year, although China for six consecutive months holdings of US debt, but the scale is relatively small, showing a slow holdings of the characteristics of the huge US debt market impact will not be too great. But as the largest holder of US debt, China’s continuous holdings may affect market expectations.

The Eighth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was held

                    (The original title: the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Central Committee held the eighth plenary meeting)

                                   The 8th plenary session of the 18th Central Committee for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China was held in Beijing today.

The plenary session is chaired by the Standing Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. Wang Qishan, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. The General Assembly will consider the report of the 18th Central Committee for Discipline Inspection to the Ninth National Congress of the Party and agreed to submit the report to the Seventh Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China for consideration.

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